MOSCOW, may 5 — RIA Novosti. Physiotherapist Simon Halperin in an interview with NSN urged not to condemn the Kaliningrad doctors who refused to work during the period of suppression of coronavirus infection.

Earlier, the regional Minister of health Alexander Kravchenko said that about 100 doctors and 250 nurses in Kaliningrad region before the start of the epidemic coronavirus “up and out”. He noted that he was not entitled to condemn them, but stressed that many doctors and nurses over the age of 65 years left to work.

Halperin suggested that health workers did not provide proper working conditions.

the Doctor believes that the health care provider must not begin work until he has no quality of conditions for its implementation. While Halperin calls to negotiate with the Kaliningrad doctors to find out what pushed them to such decision.

In Russia, COVID-19 diagnosed 145 286 people, of which 1356 were killed and more than 18 thousand recovered. In the world, according to the world health organization, the coronavirus has infected at least 3.3 million people, 240 thousand of them died.

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