Irina Y. Velikanova, Director of the State Central Museum of contemporary history of Russia

“I voted electronically, took advantage of a right that is given to residents of Moscow and made your choice remotely. I think everything is very modern and convenient.

First of all it’s safe. Those who are afraid to go to the polling station for any reason, you can use this opportunity to cast your vote online. Besides, it is convenient for those who are currently working or not in Moscow.

There are reports of violations, but they are promptly addressed and, where necessary, measures are taken to combat this. To trust unverified and inaccurate information, just not worth it. With regard to specific organizations online voting, now the level of technology is already high enough to ensure its reliability, including the passage of identification, and correct display of the voting results. As far as I know, many of my friends and Museum staff have used this service. If I thought that it is unsafe – I would not vote.

Even the process of discussion [amendments to the Constitution] were very open. Everyone who wanted had the opportunity to speak on the amendments that have been proposed to the Basic law of our country. It was a discussion in social organizations and in political parties and in Parliament, and ordinary citizens could send the working group for their comments and suggestions. So now you just need to do the last step — you need to vote.

a lot of observers at the vote, a lot of volunteers, those who have studied the amendment now clarifies to the people through the hotline of the essence of those or other amendments. Calls very much. This means that most people actively interested in the process of adoption of the amendments. This also applies to amendments related to social safeguards, the protection of our historical memory and the preservation of cultural heritage. They are all very important to people, otherwise to be, probably, could not. Russia 30 years ago and Russia today are two totally different countries. It is clear that we want to see ourselves as strong social state, and now in this endeavor. For people it is of great importance. They want them to have protection, social security, confidence in the future. They want to live in a sovereign state that upholds the historical memory of their ancestors — as far as I know, according to polls, is the most popular among the population correction. Therefore, anyone who is aware of himself as a citizen of their country, interested in the proposed amendments to the Constitution and vote”.