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the Change in policy is going to dampen the pressure on both the police and the courts under the koronakrisen, sign Rett24.

the attorney general has made temporary guidelines that makes an exception from the normal. Among other things, it is opened that it can be responded to with a waiver for the least serious narkotikaovertredelsene. That is to say the use of drugs and the possession/storage for your own use.

Waiver means that it does not become reacted with the punishment although it has been a criminal offense.


Not all politidistrikter have been just as eager to take advantage of this liberalization in narkotikasaker.

Førstestatsadvokaten in Troms and Finnmark, Lars Fause, said earlier this week Rett24 that the police in the north currently had no plans to use påtaleunnlatelser in such cases.

– There is a certain scepticism to let up on this, told Fause.

Now, however, the end of the local autonomy. Friday passed Riksadvokatembetet new and updated guidelines, and here is a key word has been changed. Where it before was that the police “may” apply the waiver, it states now “shall”.

instead of bringing less serious issues that would have resulted in a shorter conditional sentence, the courts recommend that the director of public prosecutions is now an increased use of fines and påtaleunnlatelser.

Even though the police have the capacity to investigate, fear Maurud that a large amount of object will blow up the capacity of the courts.

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