In March 2014, when the "Crimean spring" was at the very beginning, the Patriarch of American geopolitics, Henry Kissinger warned that "for the West, the demonization of Vladimir Putin is not a policy but an alibi for her absence". Since then, the anti-Russian Orgy continues, but now, it seems that even its main proponents, the us Democrats, you begin to understand that the real policy in relations with Moscow still needed.

the "Political fury"

Immediately after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, the US and its allies have declared that will not participate in Sochi summit "Big eight". I was then working in Washington and I remember how our diplomats in response jokingly grumbled in a low voice, saying, "scared hedgehog bare ass".

The people are brave, but and cowered. Understood that this is only the beginning, and then will not find it.

Not shown. After the first symbolic gesture of the democratic administration of Barack Obama began deliberately to destroy bilateral relations. Job capital, since the work plan was before the eyes in the form of a comprehensive presidential Commission on cooperation. As before, bit by bit collected after the predecessors, and then meticulously destroyed, simultaneously tightening the loop of all kinds of punitive sanctions.

In Russia they say: do not be of the Crimea and Ukraine, "enemies" in the ocean there would be other excuses. The real reason is "excessive" our independence, paying for it, and. In General I agree with that, although, of course, the specifics is also important. "the Bells" sounded and the Crimea, for example in the story of an American dissident Edward Snowden.

Anyway, after the massacre perpetrated by Obama’s team in U.S.-Russian relations over the ocean, we increasingly do not like. It is psychologically understandable: people generally fear and dislike of those who themselves have caused harm. I know even for myself: I was here three years ago unjustly deprived of in Washington working journalistic visa, and now in Moscow, American diplomats "the emphasis does not see," although it would seem that I should be offended at them, and not Vice versa.

Well, too bad for them, I think. As I was told at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, is now all "class game low". People who care about a career, do not go there: hopeless. Working and trying to act strictly according to instructions and according to precedent, by principle "as the". So nothing comes out.

still heap

Truths I repeat for conclusion, I think, is also self-evident. Trying to hurt Russia, the Americans eventually, as they call it, "was shot in the leg" themselves.

I actually think that it is generally a universal rule: no the impact from the outside are not able to hurt people more than they sometimes harm themselves. Buddy from new York sent me a joke, walking recently in the American social networks: "If the US saw the US doing in the US, the US would have invaded US to save US from US".

The main political slogan of Obama was the slogan "Not being in the shit of stupidity". In relations with Russia, that commandment was broken, and, I think, largely due to the personal grievances of the American leader, who was greatly irritated by unfavorable comparisons with his Russian counterpart. Seized him that we have to look at that from the bottom up.

Of course, the greatest damage and the most America, and her relations with Russia caused by the attempt of the Democrats to prove that the Republican Donald trump won the elections of 2016 thanks to the intervention of Moscow. Confirm "conspiracy" has failed, and the witch hunt can still come back to haunt her by the organizers.

In any case, the desire of the opposition to nullify the election results deepened the socio-political schism in the United States to a level comparable with the ideological and informational civil war, and turned the relations with Russia as a factor in American political life. The atmosphere in these relations were completely poisoned.

the Call 103

And only now, on the eve of new elections, the ocean sounded a word about the fact that this atmosphere still need to heal. What is required by the United States and around the world.

The most illustrative example is the open letter "it is Time to rethink policy toward Russia," published recently in Politico magazine. Was sponsored by six prominent specialists, rose Gottemoeller, Thomas Graham, Robert Legvold, Thomas Pickering, John huntsman and Fiona hill, but their appeal was joined by hundreds of other authorities, starting with the retired Secretary of state George Shultz, former defense Minister William Perry and former Secretary of energy Ernest Moniz.

Already on this list it is seen that the composition of the group is bipartisan and is extremely reputable. I would say that this "voice of reason" American centrists, who have practical experience in the most important government and diplomatic posts. Graham hill was an Advisor to the presidents of the United States, Russia, the huntsman and Pickering ambassadors in Moscow, Gottemoeller — Deputy Secretary of state and NATO Deputy Secretary General.

The letter begins with the statement that "U.S.-Russian relations have reached a dangerous impasse that threatens the national interests of the United States". "the Risk of military confrontation, which could lead to nuclear once again became real, experts warn. We are drifting towards a dangerous nuclear arms race, and our foreign policy Arsenal narrowed mainly to the response steps, sanctions, public shaming and resolutions of Congress. Global pandemic COVID-19 and the resulting severe economic downturn around the world not only spurred cooperation, but, on the contrary, exacerbated the current downward trajectory."

Of course, the message and there is no trace of the question to go on any concessions to Moscow. The authors proceed from the idea that a strategic U.S. approach to Russia at its core should be about the same as in the years of the classic cold war, and to combine "a balanced commitment to contain and mitigate".

But they call for the extension of the existing agreement on strategic offensive arms (start-3); the greater "flexibility" the sanctions policy of the United States that nuts could not only tighten, but loosen up; — K "to involve Russia in the serious and sustained strategic dialogue, addressed to the deep sources of distrust and hostility, and with the focus on major and urgent challenges both countries face in the field of security".

"Too often we mistakenly perceive diplomatic contacts as a reward for good behavior — written by Americans. — Meanwhile, they really need to promote our interests and rigid transmission of messages".

Similar thoughts I’ve heard from the legendary Washington apparatchik Brent Scowcroft. The retired General, who served as assistant for national security under two presidents and since then considered a sample of the correct tenure, has always had the distinction between values and national interests of the United States and stressed the need to get along with Russia. Last week he died in the 96th year of his life, and his name is not among the 103 signatories to the open letter, but the meaning is, of course, should be present there.

the Personnel reserve of Democrats

Publication in today’s Washington, this message itself is a curious and important message to both external and primarily internal audience. The letter challenges stereotypes in recent years unequivocally anti-Russian consensus and reinforces the idea of Kissinger that the demonization of the opponent — it is not a policy.

And this signal — not the only one. For example, a key foreign policy adviser to the likely candidate of the democratic party for President of the country Joseph Biden — Anthony Lloyd said that if he wins the election, Biden would be willing to extend the start Treaty-3. This would have to hurry: the term of the agreement expires in February next year.

I also noted that the need for adjustment in the U.S. approach to Russia recently wrote Victoria Nuland in Foreign Affairs, and before that — Michael KerpenTer and Spencer Boyer in Foreign Policy. The last opus was entitled "Americans and Russians want to be friends, even if their countries are not friends".

Of course, any words about "friendship" these people need to take in large quotation marks. In fact, we are talking about the trick used by the US propaganda in the Soviet times: let’s say, will "friends" with the people, especially youth, against the "mode". Some experts in Moscow see it as pure trolling, which it is better not to pay attention.

But pay he must, even if the authors, from the point of view of their own relationship to Russia is really nowhere to put the sample. Nuland said that the Obama administration was assistant Secretary of state, is one of those who just brought us-Russian relations to their current state. As I said recently, one senior foreign diplomat in Moscow, as such, it is well known not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders. Now this lady, apparently, just reminded myself of his article before the elections.

As for the carpenter and Bowyer, they when Obama was in the Washington hierarchy position on the step below Nuland (one in the Pentagon, the other in the state Department), but now, according to Foreign Policy, together with the ex-employee of SNB in USA Juliann Smith responsible for the European direction in the informal foreign policy apparatus, is formed when "shadow government" Biden.

According to the publication, this unit covers more than 2 thousand people, divided into two dozen working groups. While these people are just trying to feed ideas into the inner circle of Biden, "including Blinken, Jake Sullivan, avril Haines, Brian Maccione and Julie Smith," and to attract his attention. But in case of a victory of a Democrat in the elections they "can receive the posts of senior and middle level administration", — writes the magazine.

the "scapegoat"

Then recommendations can be claimed in practice, moreover, the desire to leave his mark in American foreign policy, Biden is obviously present, and time will be a little. Because of their age, according to analysts, he initially pretends to be almost certainly only one presidential term.

By the way, since I mentioned age, let me remind you that the other day marks 90 years George Soros. In our national demonology American democratizers he stands much higher Nuland, and in the current presidential race in the United States has repeatedly received direct personal attacks on the part of trump. Popular in the English speaking world online edition for scientists Conversation recently printed a comment about "how trump will try to make Soros a scapegoat to seek re-election".

Me however, it always seemed that Gyorgy Schwartz, born in 1930 in Budapest and the will of fate have become George Soros, not so terrible as he is painted. I’ve never once encountered on the job and I remember mostly how he lamented the failures of their investment projects in Russia, in particular with investments in "Svyazinvest".

And back in 1997 he complained that his Foundation was deprived in Belarus tax exemptions that rely nonprofit charities. "basically, this means that half of the money I allocate for financing of their programs take to the state Treasury, — said the American billionaire. — It does not suit me. If the situation does not change, the work will have to roll".

the Sources of disinformation

In fact, both then and now, the U.S. government quietly promoting their liberalizatsii projects in the former Soviet Union with the help of state agencies, not particularly lacking in "Fig leaf" like the Soros foundations. Just now Secretary Michael Pompeo with fanfare announced that his Department wants to more than double in the 2021 fiscal year, the appropriations for the so-called Center for global engagement. Funds (for a total of $138 million) should be directed primarily at countering Russian propaganda.

Well, ease Americans money to spend. I will only remind that the center was created under Obama. And that its curator, at the time US Undersecretary of state for public diplomacy Richard Stengel later wrote about his work the book with the eloquent title "Information warfare. How we lost the global battle against misinformation, what are we going to do". By the way, among the sources of the misinformation along with overseas adversaries in the book appeared… President trump.

I will add that we should all, in my opinion, more responsive to perceived signs of destiny. The Almighty has a good sense of humor. After all, when he even hinted that the whole "restart" U.S.-Russian relations under Obama was hopeless. That was the end of everything "overload", as it was written on the famous button that brought Hillary Clinton a gift for Sergei Lavrov.

Goof then, of course, not one Hillary and the whole democratic administration. It’s the Obama wanted to reset relations with Russia has become a crown diamond of his foreign policy legacy. But in the end got a millstone overload, which has taken this heritage to the bottom of that "the Washington swamp", which likes to remember Donald trump.