31. March is the international day of Trans visibility. The day was declared by the US-American Trans activist Rachel Crandall-Crocker to the “Transgender Day of Visibility” and is held every year since, as a public holiday for gender diversity and worldwide recognition. On this day, thousands of Transgender people and their supporters for their rights to go on the road annually. In times of Corona – this year is unthinkable. In most of the countries in which Transgender at all society and greater political attention, there is a curfew or prohibition of Contact.

For years, Transgender organizations and activists protesting in favour of the for you as degrading perceived shemale act (TSG) is amended in Germany. This year, the Protest must take place online and is, therefore, not quieter.

► The completely outdated Name comes from the year 1981. This year, the law came into force. In the 39 years it was declared by the constitutional court again and again Parts of it as unconstitutional and, accordingly, changed. But to be satisfactory it is not for the vast majority of Transgender in Germany for a long time.

What is it exactly?

TRANS people who want to make your sex entry in the identity card change, expected to be a very complicated process. Many of those Affected describe the process to the new I-Pass even as a people unworthy of it.

According to the TRANS-gender associations in the German transsexual law a hundred discriminated against thousands of people, “the only want to change your marital status or first name”:

• Trans-people have to process a degrading court and humbly assessments under pull

• for intersex people is a different scheme: You must provide a medical certificate and be deemed pathological thus again

• for non-binary people, so people do not assign themselves to the Two-gender System (male/female), and no Inter-diagnosis, there is no legal possibility for a true Gender / sex.

The Federal government is working currently on a new draft of the law, whether the desire for more self-determination is taken into account, however, remains however questionable. According to experts, the law is now obsolete completely. In addition, and Concerned not to be involved in proposals for reform once. As a TRANS woman, experienced this process, read here.

What is the supplementary card?

everyday life are frequently needed documents that identify a Person uniquely. In the case of Trans people, the staff papers do not match however, mostly with of their own sex positioning, as long as these persons stand a change was not made.