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131 of 356 municipalities in Norway have not yet been proven koronasmitte. It writes the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, who has collected the figures from the municipalities.

According to their track is Creek county verstingen. Here are all 48 of the 51 local authorities has proven koronasmitte. At the opposite end of the table we find Nordland county, which has been proven infection only in 18 out of 44 municipalities.

Vefsn municipality, with its 13.278 inhabitants, is the largest municipality that still has not been proven infection.

” We have been very lucky until now. I don’t know if it is luck or what it is, but we have created a separate koronasenter and have tested over 200 people, ” says mayor Barbara Hundåla.

the Mayor in Vefsn, Berit Hundåla (Sp).

Photo: Ole Christian Olsen / NRK

Still, expect the mayor that it is only a matter of time before it is proven, also in Vefsn.

– we have to almost be reckoned with. But the longer we are koronafrie, the longer time we have to prepare ourselves. Then we get on space beds, and are ready to take care of those who are so sick that they must have health care.

– We have plenty of space

In Troms and Finnmark has 18 of the 39 municipalities had proven infection.

despite the fact that the neighboring municipality of Tromsø has 88 cases Balsfjord municipality still smudge proof. It is the mayor Gunda Johansen happy.

– When we are so close to Tromsø, then it is very good. But it is not certain we will remain in this category for so long, ” says Johansen.

the Mayor of Balsfjord, Gunda Johansen (Ap).

Photo: Jørn Inge Johansen / NRK

While a number of municipalities in Troms has run several municipal orders have Balsfjord only chosen to shut down the camp.

– Otherwise, we follow the national prohibitions and relate to them.

– Why do you think the North of Norway has the fewest infected?

It is well that we have plenty of space and not so close on top of each other, ” says Johansen.

the Mayor of Kvæfjord municipality, Torbjørn Larsen, also believes it is only a matter of time before Kvæfjord get their first case. So far, the municipality tested 40 people and all are negative.

I am impressed by the population and think the people are good to follow the recommendations that come. We have done some measures and it turns out that they work.

In Nordreisa was the first case of koronasmitte confirmed yesterday evening. A man was infected in connection with a trip abroad, writes the municipality in a press release. He has respiratory symptoms, but is in good form and are at home in isolation.


to get an idea of how large mørketallene, professor of epidemiology, Lars Johan Vatten at NTNU outlined the spread of the virus in the village of Vo, at Venice.

Where was the entire population tested after the first known Italian koronarelaterte death. When it was revealed that three per cent of the population in the city tested positive.

they Were the same figures apply to Oslo would 21.000 of the city’s 700.000 inhabitants be infected, compared with the 989 confirmed infected now on Saturday. According Vatten it is therefore difficult to know whether there actually is any infection in those municipalities without registered cases.

He has, however, no one will believe that is a purpose to test those with mild or moderate symptoms, as long as you don’t test the entire population.

A large part of the infection takes place among the infected who have no clue that they are infected. They are the source of the so-called “mørketallene”.

In Norway is now 82.584 people tested for koronavirus. Around 4 per cent of tests are positive.

FHI have an overview

Inspired by Iceland jobs Norwegian institute of public health frantically for obtaining a better overview of the mørketallene for koronamitte in Norway.

we have no estimates, but what we need, ” says medical director at FHI, Frode Forland to the NTB.

– Therefore we work with to get started research studies with the measurement of what we call the prevalence of infection in the population, ” he explains.

the Island has tested a selection from the entire population to find mørketallene.

FHI is in dialogue with the scientific community to the hashing out of a model. Both the University of Oslo and the UiT Norway’s arctic university has taken the initiative to similar studies.

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