the Law on new sanctions against China in connection with his actions in respect of Hong Kong was signed by Donald trump. Signed by the head of the White house Executive order further provides that because of the failure of trade preferences from the approach of Washington to Hong Kong will be the same as to mainland China. For the last time, us-China relations deteriorated sharply. And it’s not just the pandemic, the permanent charges of the United States in the creation and distribution of PRC coronavirus and not even in the “Hong Kong question”. Experts say a new and subtle trends in the relationship between contributors including racial and ideological factors. Exactly how will be continue the confrontation between Washington and Beijing, and whether it is capable to outgrow in full-scale violent confrontation?

Fight against the “rundown” of communism

“I would now emerging contours of the cold war between the United States and China, says “MK” chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Vassilyev. And the term is in this case very appropriate. Because today, America takes based on the confrontation, which took place from the mid 40-ies and designated as the “cold war” between the United States and the Soviet Union. It is believed that she brought Americans some sort of victory or at least ended victoriously”.

According to experts, at the moment the United States used against China’s methods of ideological struggle. America remembered that China is a country ruled by the Communist party, and so tries to discredit it not only in the eyes of the West but the Chinese themselves.

“it is significant that a month ago, the American representative for disarmament Affairs, made a very powerful anti-Chinese speech, where he compared XI Jinping with Stalin – Vladimir Vasiliev continues. – In fact, today there is a place the demonization of China from the point of view that the country should be specific to the Communist model and “dilapidated” ideology, which turned into misery for the whole world.”

Now the United States is very important to gain the necessary weight to anti-Chinese attacks. Therefore, intensified the charges that actually always existed, but has now acquired a special significance. This applies to Tibet and Taiwan and of course Hong Kong. The United States wants to draw China into a confrontation and hope for a more rigid response from his side.

“In the current China mainly takes the defensive: meets, but he does not attack – says “MK” Russian orientalist, Professor at the School of Oriental studies of the HSE Alexey MASLOV. – Because the whole trading system Stwounds is based on the fact that it can be effective only during the period of the world. Not accidentally, China has been trying to smooth out the rough edges and, in response to the level of the foreign office or trade representatives, still making efforts to negotiate with the United States. As soon as China will enter into a serious confrontation, it will lose the main trump card of a large shopping peaceful power.”

In Beijing are well aware, and try not to fight in ideological terms. Now, however, we can observe that the country did start to answer. For example, China has threatened to use sanctions against a number of U.S. senators. And it’s actually quite unusual for China’s situation. We can say that this is the peak of his indignation.

Rocking on a territorial factor

today China is a “capped” country, which along with the center – Beijing – there are places such as Hong Kong, which, in fact, can become a kind of enclave for the formation of Antipinsky sentiment. The area that can claim to autonomy and the right to have some freedom and independence.

“the announcement of the national security law of Hong Kong also suggests that the Chinese government realized that Chinese-American relations past the point of no return, – the orientalist, head of the center “Russian dream and the Chinese dream” Izborsk club Yuri TAVROVSKY. –Now just ahead of the “cold war”. Because the Americans were warned that the restriction of the freedom protesters in Hong Kong is a red line that cross in any case impossible. And when it happened, was declared sanctions. In the United States said that Hong Kong is not sufficiently Autonomous from China, and therefore all customs and financial benefits were canceled”.

At the same time, according to him, the rest of China, too, cannot be considered as “monolithic”.

And in this connection we should not forget about the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region, which is the problem area of China, where a major challenge is the separatist acquiring often the expression of extremism and even terrorist acts. The West accuses Chinese authorities in the establishment of camps, where the “re-education” are the representatives of the Muslim ethnic minorities (mainly Uighur).

In June, us President, trump has signed the law on sanctions against China for violations of the rights of Uighurs. In response, China is calling the actions of Washington’s interference in its internal Affairs, has introduced counter-sanctions against a number of American politicians (among them were, in particular, Republican senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, the U.S. special envoy for freedom of religion Sam Brownback and congré��shifts Chris Smith and members of the Committee of the Congress on relations with China).

“There is, apparently, the part of the Chinese society, which could be considered as dissidents or carriers of Western interests, – said Vladimir Vasiliev. And we see it. It and fled to the United States virologist from Hong Kong, who said that the Chinese authorities allegedly found out about the coronavirus long before reported, and many others. That is, those are the people that America can always rely on believing that people “dual identity”.

According to experts, the presence of such problem areas as Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region, creates a sense of “tectonic plates”, which will try to gradually crack. And in terms of outside attempts to discredit the policy of the Communist party of China, there is a risk of weakening the centralized start that will provoke the growth of centrifugal tendencies.

Virus map

If the mechanism of the “cold war” started, then, as practice shows, return back can not be. The more that Americans, apparently, will always play comfortable now “coronavirus map”.

In a situation with COVID-19, the US authorities switched currently on one point – this is the latest warning. Therefore, they will constantly look for defectors and traitors from China, that will tell you that China allegedly knew about the virus, but one time did not warn about this.

And this investigation, in contrast to the Hong Kong question, are not interested in individual community and the whole world. Therefore, most likely, on this issue and will build further American attack on China.

“Plus, the task of the United States to oust China from the current concept of globalization, – says Alexey Maslov. – Because China is growing well on the basis of the current trade and banking relations. So now the main goal of the United States to push China out of this system or even to silence those organizations through which it acts. Among them, in particular, and the world health organization”.

a recent speech to supporters in Arizona, the US President, Donald trump has offered to give coronavirus infection COVID-19 new name — “kung flu” (a combination of Chinese martial arts “kung fu” and the English word “flu” – influenza – “MK”) or “Chinese flu”. However, this seemingly brash comparison of American leader can be not just ideological. Was made another conclusion: it is civilizational, or even racial nature.

“Now the emphasis is on the fact that China is in the case of the coronavirus poses a real threat to the civilization of America, independent�� from that failure, which he has, – said Vladimir Vasiliev. And it may be understood as the opposition to “progressive white race” and “regressive yellow race”, which, in turn, is a factor of the irreconcilable contradictions”.

it is now not even in the state system of the PRC. That is, even if tomorrow China will undergo fundamental changes in socio-economic terms, however, it will still provide for US a threat to civilization.

And this once again underlines the degree of tension between the warring parties. Because it is the opposition to racially motivated – as demonstrated by the current situation with protest actions in America and, in particular, the movement “Black Lives Matter” (black Lives matter – “MK”) – are long-term in nature and are dividing factor.

if it Comes to confrontation?

All of these cases are the main components of the cold war between the US and China. At first it was a trade war, then became a technology when America imposed restrictions on the sale of products from Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE, calling them to the same “threat to national security.”

And now, against the backdrop of a pandemic, began a new round of information war. While Hong Kong and Taiwan in its various manifestations – is also an integral part of the cold war. Naturally, there is a timely question – will there be “hot”?

“we cannot rule it out, – said Yuri Tavrovsky. – Especially considering the fact that November is approaching, and with it the presidential election in the United States. Trump starts to lag, and it can go to any rash actions or provocations in order to raise their status. Large-scale war with China, of course, will not. But hybrid war, for example, in the Taiwan Strait (Taipei to provoke the proclamation of sovereignty and independence from Beijing) – it’s possible.”

In this connection became especially important speech XI Jinping to the soldiers, in front of the elite people’s liberation army (PLA) and the session of the Parliament (NPC). The Chinese President noted that the need to prepare for the worst outcome, improve military readiness and faithfully defend the territorial sovereignty and integrity of China. Such statements were a long time, observers say.

meanwhile, recently the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo spoke to the issue which in Beijing consider in the context of the territorial integrity of the country. The head of the Department of state announced on 13 July about official Washington’s refusal to recognize “the most” PRC claims to the disputed Islands and waters: “the World is not lett Beijing considered the South China sea as its Maritime Empire. America supports our allies and partners in Southeast Asia in protecting their sovereign rights to marine resources in accordance with their opportunities and obligations under international law”.

currently, the United States slowly wear down the China and have it military pressure, to draw him in a kind of arms race. Now, the U.S. plans to sell Taiwan equipment to upgrade its Patriot systems to PAC-3 in the amount of $600 million And this move, despite the fact that the support of the island, including the military — is a permanent part of American foreign policy, of course, stirs up more confrontation between Washington and Beijing.

“today, China adheres to the concept of “containment” and may not itself ambitious goals in terms of development of its nuclear missile potential, – said Vladimir Vasiliev. But it is precisely those elements that the Americans are seeking to ensure that China fully felt the burden of military spending, and it created a system of economic difficulties.”

In fact, before the armed confrontation, the case still will not come, I’m sure Aleksey Maslov. However, the situation will worsen and the U.S. will be able to create serious anti-Chinese narrative in politics, which later may even become a new national idea of the United States.