Chinese generals are going to hire wrestlers mixed martial arts to resolve the border conflict in Tibet. As reported by the Chinese media, in the frontier troops of the Chinese army planned to create a whole military unit, which will complement exclusively with MMA fighters. Their goal is to train border guards in unarmed combat. Highly trained soldiers are sent to the area border conflict in Tibet. There is prohibited the use of firearms, and the soldiers can only rely on their fists.

the Clashes in the border area of Ladakh – it’s a long time. For the first time force each other India and China felt in there in the 1980s. Then the conflict grew into a clash with the victims. Such escalation of tensions on the border were forced to take sides neordinarnye measures. While India and China insist on compliance with the peace agreements in the area of border dispute. Such agreements oblige everyone not to use the separation line of firearms and especially military equipment. That is why the recent clashes between Chinese and Indian border guards occurred with knives, sticks and stones.

This format is an edge of confrontation forces the command of the army of China to pay special attention to training border fighting. As reported by the Chinese state TV channel CCTV in the ranks of the border troops of China have been summoned 20 members of fight club “Enbo” from Sichuan province. In several reports, these fighters were involved in the recent clash with the Indian army, which killed 20 Indian border guards. The press service of the club while trying to distance itself from such information.

“If the country needs us, fight club Enbo from the heart will perform more complex tasks. As far as did our soldiers in the conflict a few days ago, don’t ask me,” said the club’s owner al Bo in the interview with Chinese television.

As reported by the PLA Daily – a new unit will be located in the capital of the Tibet Autonomous region – Lhasa. However, not only the massacre will teach soldiers of the people’s liberation army of China. The plans reinforced mountain training in the new division will also include experts on mountaineering and instructors in mountain sports. They will have to teach Chinese border guards conduct non-lethal combat in extreme weather conditions.

As earlier reported “MK”, due to the deterioration on the line of actual control, the Indian army turned to Russia with a request to accelerate deliveries of military equipment, including anti-aircraft missiles. According to some media reports, India and China have concentrated in the vicinity of the disputed territories of large army units, in case of a possible armed conflict.