Some restaurants and cafes in Moscow is still not opened due to the fact that in the surrounding business centers have not yet returned to office workers. This was announced by Director of street retail at Knight Frank Irina Kozina.

The expert noted that the number of seats in various establishments decreased by 30-50%, which affects the revenue figures. Some network operators different profiles deliberately opened not all of their institutions, outlining a plan for gradual return to other points.

Many people will not open businesses in the business centers or near them, the main thread of which was that the employees of the business centers. Many offices are still working on remote, — told RIA real Estate Kozina.

She added that, overall, the start-up of terraces in Moscow was successful — they are filled. Even despite the fact that the number of seats was less commercial value do not lag far behind the corresponding period last year. However, the expert said, the flow of visitors is distributed unevenly between all decks. Restaurants located in the center, for example, in the area of the Patriarchal ponds are more popular.

According to Kozina, restaurants expect a return to pre-crisis indicators work before the end of 2020.

Earlier wrote that about half of the Russian restaurants have earned after the lifting of restrictions on the coronavirus. The index of the reopening of points of a public catering have risen to 41.1%, while on 15 June he was equal to 13.8% and from 22 June to 28.9 per cent. In Moscow where you are allowed to access and terrace and the main dining rooms, the jump was made from 40.2% to 87.7%.

High alert for coronavirus was introduced in Moscow on 5 March. From mid-may, the authorities began to mitigate the limitations due to the improvement of the situation with coronavirus. 9 June in the capital, abolished the regime of self-isolation, the schedule of walks and passes for travel around the city. From June 16 to dentistry began to provide planning assistance, were opened museums, zoos and libraries. 23 June in the capital of the third phase of the lifting of restrictions imposed on the background of the pandemic COVID-19. In the framework of resumed work restaurants, fitness centers, kindergartens, also became available for urban infrastructure for sport and recreation.

Anything in the world, the coronavirus has infected more than 10.6 million people, more than 516 thousand died, more than 5.4 million was recovered. Russia occupies the third place in the number of infected people in the world. In the first place — USA (2 686 480 people), followed by Brazil (1 448 753). Also in the top ten countries — India, UK, Peru, Chile, Spain, Italy, Mexico. The smallest number of cases of coronavirus in Papua New Guinea (11 cases). The population of the Kingdom in Oceania is just over 7 million people.

On 2 July in Russia — 661 165 ��Luciano coronavirus infection (+6760 for the last day), 428 978 recovered (+6047 for the last day). Died 9 683 people (+147 for the last day).

Leader in the number of infected and newly identified remains of Moscow. In the capital — 222 871 (+662 for the last day) ill, 153 248 recovered (+1055 in recent days), 3 870 dead (+39 in the last day).

In the first ten Russian regions, excluding Moscow, Moscow region, St.-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Sverdlovsk oblast, Rostov oblast, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Khanty-Mansi, Dagestan, Voronezh oblast. The smallest number of cases of coronavirus in Russia — NAO: 107 cases. While 39 people were recovered. From COVID-19 in the County nobody died.