The cost of living has risen sharply over the past 12 months. Families with many children in particular find it difficult in this environment. FOCUS online says how much the prices for leisure activities have changed.

Households have to dig deeper into their pockets for gas, electricity and groceries. Basic foods in particular have become more expensive. Price drivers are the increased inflation, the high raw material prices and the development on the energy market.

For families with many children and single parents, this means they have to keep the money together. Family outings, a day at the amusement park, a movie at the cinema and a visit to the zoo also cost a lot of money.

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In view of inflation and rising energy costs, Europa-Park will raise admission prices by around five percent in the coming year. According to the online booking system, the standard day ticket costs 57.50 euros from March.

So far, 55 euros have been due for this. Children up to 11 years pay 49 euros. A family of four (two adults, two children) pays 219 euros for a day visit to Europark.

At Disneyland Paris, the price for the undated ticket (with shuttle bus) for March 2023 will increase from 106 euros to 122 euros. Children up to the age of 11 no longer pay 102 euros, but 117 euros. In 2019, a family of four had to pay 432 euros for single entry, but now it is 478 euros.

Not an isolated case. Other amusement parks have also announced price increases for the coming season. The adjustments are between five and ten percent per ticket.

How families can save in the amusement park? Amusement parks give children and adults free entry when it’s their birthday. It is also worth asking about discount campaigns or family tickets. In the low season, the prices are lower than in the high or holiday season.

Thermal baths and swimming pools are also spiraling in price. Most operators had already raised prices in 2022. Further adjustments in 2023 are not excluded. For families it means: save, save, save.

Despite the increased prices, the swimming pool remains a popular leisure spot for families. On the one hand, the visit allows you to keep fit and spend time together.

The day pass at the Therme Erding rose from 44 euros to 46 euros in October. During the holiday season and at weekends, the price climbs to 51 euros per person. Admission to the thermal world rose to 61 euros (from 59 euros). It is five euros more expensive on weekends and during the holiday season. A family of four has to reckon with costs of over 204 euros in the best case.

In the Arriba adventure pool in Norderstedt, the adventure day for adults costs 11 euros. At the weekend they pay 12 euros. Children get away cheaper. You have to pay 6.50 euros during the week and 7 euros at the weekend. A four-person household therefore spends 35 euros per day.

Classic indoor and swimming pools have also increased prices. Individual municipalities explain the adjustments with the increased heating and electricity costs. In the Westbad in Munich, the entrance fee has been 15 euros since January 2023, and there is a reduced ticket for 9 euros. The family ticket costs 33 euros. Compared to the previous year, the price rose by almost ten percent.

However, this is often not enough. A visit to the swimming pool is linked to other expenses. Families often have to buy additional equipment, such as swimming rings or swimming goggles for children. In addition, the prices for food and drink on site have risen sharply. A currywurst now costs almost five euros, fries are four euros and the cola costs four euros in indoor and adventure pools.

How families can save in the swimming pool or adventure pool? Prices are cheaper during the week than at the weekend. There are also holiday cards and discounts that you can find online. You will always find suitable partner offers via ADAC memberships, Lidl Plus or Payback.

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“It is common sense that the high energy costs that cinemas undoubtedly have are reflected in the ticket in some way,” said Peter Dinges, director of the Federal Film Board (FFA).

The expert emphasizes, however, that one must be “careful with the statements”. The fact is that there can be no talk of a flat-rate price increase. As industry services explain, cinema operators have to reckon with additional costs of up to 14,000 euros because electricity, heating and license costs have risen sharply within a year.

While a cinema ticket often cost nine euros per person, it is now already 11 or 12 euros per ticket. The prices for popcorn and drinks have also risen sharply. For the three-hour film “Avatar: The Way of Water” fans have to pay up to 25 euros per ticket. This is the case, for example, when a premium armchair is added to the 3D glasses.

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Tropical fish need warm temperatures, as do reptiles and orangutans. Zoos need to heat the aquariums, terrariums or animal houses. The energy crisis is fueling costs after an already stressful Corona period.

In the Wildparadies Tripsdrill adult guests have had to pay one euro more for their online ticket since November 7 (previously 13 euros). Justification here too: higher prices for electricity and feed, maintenance and personnel.

The tickets went up by around one euro. For example in the Wildpark Bad Mergentheim. There, the card now costs 14 euros per visit. From March 2023, adults will have to pay EUR 20 per ticket at the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart (EUR 15 today). Children between the ages of six and 11 pay eight euros.

In the municipal zoo in Karlsruhe, visitors will only have to pay a little more for admission from 2024: This is not related to the general increase in costs, but was planned by the municipal council well in advance, said a spokeswoman. She assured: “Despite the current situation, there will be no change in plans.”

How families can save at the zoo? Family tickets make visiting the zoo much cheaper. The price includes tickets for all children and one adult. If you want to take your children to the zoo more often, you should also think about an annual pass.

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