the plans of the Russians on summer vacation already mixed pandemic COVID-19 — however, the trip to Russia has not been canceled. In airports, planes, trains already introduced measures to help prevent the spread of infection, but to rely only on what will take care of you others can not.

“Газета.Ru” — about how to travel this summer and protect themselves.

Pandemic coronavirus infection has made adjustments to the plans of the Russians. Officially the air service in Russia is not interrupted, however, many airlines in April, have canceled their flights, fully or partially.

In June, the Federal air transport Agency plans to permit the resumption of flights to tourist centres only if “the conservation of the quarantine measures in the regions.” Government entities decide what to do with travelers either be obliged to isolate themselves, or offer to perform a quarantine Observatory.

the Ministry stressed that it is better to do without travel: if you live where the actively spreading the coronavirus, or go there, or in the case when the one you are visiting, is at risk. Not worth while to go on trips and people who are at risk is difficult to transfer the disease.

If a trip cannot be postponed, it is necessary to comply with rules that may 20 has been released by the Federal air transport Agency. So, all flights will be divided into levels — small, medium, and high risk. All the people in front of the airport should be the measured temperature.

On the flight will not be allowed people with symptoms of Ari and fever — above 37 degrees. Also in the terminal building cannot be longer than two hours. Shops, bars and cafes, also sells takeaway will be closed.

However, you must remember basic precautions: try to stay away from people, especially sneezing and coughing, at least at a distance of two meters, to wash hands, not to touch your face and not to touch other people.

the Federal air transport Agency also requires that all passengers had been treated with antiseptics. On the plane they should give you new gloves and masks — from obligatory reserve with the airline. Their in-flight needs to be changed every 2-3 hours.

the Agency noted that the deterioration of the epidemiological situation of the airline can prevent passengers from undoing his seatbelt the entire flight, and move around the plane will only allow for visits to the toilet. Officials also need to avoid “crowding” at the entrance plane and the exit.

meanwhile, the international air transport Association believes that being in an airplane is safer than in the office or the Mall. It is all about good air cleaning system. And for these claims there are reasons, and the aircraft manufacturers to convince effective filters are provided with all modern Airliners.

“In the cabin the air is always moving from top to bottom in the transverse direction, that is, within the same block of seats on one row. In the lower part of the cabin used air is discharged through a special valve, then part of the air goes overboard, and the cleanup in a HEPA filters which remove up to 99.97% of all particles, even micro – and nano-size, including bacteria and viruses,” reads press release received “Газету.Ru”.

If still flying a plane still scares you and as a means of transportation you have chosen a vehicle, then you need to remember that the risk is not reduced. As a rule, during travel by car it is possible to stop at any time and in any place.

During a stop at the gas station don’t forget to wash your hands, wear gloves and a mask. Please be hygienic wipes that can be useful in the way.

If the route is scheduled stop at the hotel, it is recommended to pre-book a room or rent an apartment.

it is necessary to ensure that the institution complied with all rules of sanitation, recommending to the CPS.

However, in some regions while it is impossible to visit by car. So, in Sochi and other resorts of Kuban would have to travel only by train or plane. In this case it is necessary to take a trip, health resort card and certificate confirming the absence of coronavirus. In addition, the visitor must document that he spent 14 days has not been in contact with sick COVID-19.

If you choose train travel, it is also worth to take care about the hygiene of the place. Wipe the table and handle your site. Without excess need not need to touch the surrounding objects.

Also be sure to review the epidemiological situation and safety of the region in which you are going to go. Note that the situation may change in just a few days.

When planning a route, you should try to avoid the mass tourist destinations.

moreover, one should examine the workload of the train before buying a ticket.

As told the head of Department on external relations and corporate communications of the Tver carriage works Natalia Magera portal NationNews.Ru Russian passenger cars and, in particular, electric trains “Oriole” set UV lamp and system to curb the spread of the infection.

She said that cars are equipped with microclimate systems and air disinfection. In addition, the plants have UV lamp passing through which atmospheric air is purified of viruses and bacteria, and then postPaet in passenger cabins.

meanwhile, the majority of Russian tourists prepared to resume their journey in the second half of this year, despite the pandemic coronavirus infection. This is evidenced by data survey online-service Biletix.

the Survey was conducted among 2 thousand users of the service showed that 87% of them in the second half of 2020 ready to begin your trip.