the BBC is sparse with information about the new series, but they confirms to NRK that they have done extensive footage from the helicopter in the north, to a new series.

Christian Eriksen was the pilot on the flights, which occurred in January. From the base in the Alta, he flew the Bbc kamerateam out to the sites in Alta, Karasjok and Porsanger.

the Footage will be used in a new season of Frozen Earth, NRK stated.

– Between the clouds and varying weather we got several trips in very fine vinterlys. We flew among other things, in the Stabbursdalen national park and along the mountain range Gáisá, ” says Eriksen.

helicopter pilot Christian Eriksen at the altabasen to Helitrans was responsible for perhaps the most important part of your filming.

Photo: Helitrans

Finnmark has a lot of unspoiled nature. Without buildings, or power lines and wind turbines.

– If they see so much as a power pole, it is out of the question to film. Plains, and winter, and the pristine nature was what they wanted, ” says Eriksen.

1026 metres above sea level, towering Váddásgáisá in Porsanger, one of the mountains which are now thoroughly documented by the BBC.

Photo: Helitrans the Arctic and the Antarctic and climate change

During the recordings it was the BBC helped by Jason Roberts, who was hired as guide. The australian has lived many years in Finnmark, but now he has a base in Svalbard. According to Roberts shall Frozen Earth on the air next year. The first season of was sent back in 2011.

Jason Roberts from svalbardbaserte Polar X has been hired producer for the BBC.

Photo: Polar X

– We will look at climate change. And on how big the changes that have occurred in the Arctic in the last ten years. I have worked with the BBC for several years, and see the where the major changes we have had.

But Roberts feel that people are more open to hear about this now than before.

– Nevertheless, I think it is hard for people to understand, for example, how much sea ice that has disappeared, ” says Roberts.

From the base to the Helitrans in Alta was the flights with the BBC in the winter.

Photo: Helitrans – Classic BBC

In addition to filming from the helicopter is what made the recording, also on the ground. The plan is that the series will have its premiere next year. And according to Roberts to David Attenborough to be the narrator.

– This is wildlife documentary on the classic BBC show, ” says Roberts.

Sir David Attenborough has had a central role in a number of BBC productions, in may fill hani 94 years, but is still working with wildlife documentaries.

Photo: Scanpix

We will not see some of the Bbc’s own images from the footage, but the helicopter pilot Christian Eriksen, who has taken many of the pictures in this case, have seen little.

– I was allowed to see some of the images they had filmed along the way, and it is a fantastic quality. No doubt that the BBC is world-class, ” says Eriksen.

Finnmark has a lot of unspoiled nature to offer it to viewers all over the world get to see in the Bbc’s new production.

Photo: Helitrans