The Bank of Russia explained the procedure of interest accrual in the period of vacation credit

On the mortgage during this period interest is charged at the normal rate established in the contract, and on credit cards and consumer loans at a concessional rate, is 2/3 of the average market rate for similar type of credit (loan) calculated by the Bank of Russia and which was relevant on the date of the borrower to the lender of the requirement that deferred payment.

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin/RIA Novosti Putin signed the law on credit breaks for citizens and businesses

depending on the types of credit set different order of payments accrued during the grace period of interest after the borrower reverts to regular payments.

credit card accrued during the grace period interest shall be paid by the borrower in a period of 24 months in equal monthly payments. First payment – 30 days after the expiry of the grace period. The amount of debt on the credit card after the grace period serviced in accordance with the terms of the issuing Bank.

On consumer credits accrued during the grace period interest as well as overdue interest, penalties and fines, formed before the beginning of the grace period are paid after the loan in monthly installments, the value of which is equal to the monthly regular payments.

the mortgage is not paid during the grace period, payments of principal and interest to be paid after repayment of the loan in monthly installments, the value of which is equal to the monthly regular payments.

More than 27 thousand Russians asked “vacation credit”for coronavirus Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS Elvira gave advice on the use of “vacation credit”

“If you have the ability to pay feasible for you amount to lender during the grace period, these payments will be made to reduce the principal on the loan, which will reduce the amount of interest charged and facilitate the completion of the final payments on the loan after the grace period,” advises the Bank of Russia.

According to in force the law on “vacation credit”, the citizens can submit to the creditor the requirement to provide grace period for payments if their income for the month preceding the date of application, has decreased by at least 30% compared to the average monthly income in 2019. The duration of the grace period is limited to six months. To use this mechanism, it is possible on any day until 30 September, however, it is possible that the deadline to apply for “credit vacation” may be extended – it depends on the further development of the situation with the spread of a new coronavirus infection.