The analyst called the military consequences of a pandemic coronavirus

Pandemic coronavirus, in addition to human losses and economic crisis, brings with it other, not less destructive consequences, including for States and their armed forces. Some of them pointed out in his blog, journalist Alexander Chaldea.

the Armed forces of many countries were attacked by a coronavirus. At least four aircraft carrier on the world’s strongest Navy – the U.S. Navy received the infection among the crew. More than a thousand sailors the only French aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” is also infected. Some ships had to completely remove the crew and quarantine.

Tens of thousands of military of the Pentagon transferred to the service mode “on distance”, using civilian communications channels. Write the American media, took advantage of hackers, as has the ability to hack into poorly protected networks and to extract military information.

Explorer Alexander khaldei, in his blog named other military consequences of the pandemic, to which the state was not ready.

the Main conclusion, in his opinion, that “the people in the big cities during the epidemic at critical mass is not capable of obedience and discipline”. In some countries there is a threat of civil war and a coup.

So, in the US the police have refused to quell the looting of shops by groups of people who have run out of money. “That is, a ready resource for any coup in any country”, – says Alexander khaldei.

He is sure that there is a “redistribution of spheres in the underground economy and, therefore in the shadow of power.” This is because due to the closures reduced revenues from illicit drug trafficking, sex tourism, prostitution, the porn industry, and tourism.

with regard to international policies, there is a lull. The author believes that it will continue until, until you find out, “who will weaken after the epidemic.” “The frozen conflicts, and the parties can focus on the regrouping of forces and means”, – says the publication.

the Pandemic showed that the “whole carriers can be displayed alerting of key units of the army and Navy”. The spread of the epidemic in the army makes the state uncompetitive.

And another surprising conclusion: “the epidemic does not cause a response, since the attacker is unknown, although the obvious one who benefits from it”.

the Author makes a disappointing forecast: “after a coronavirus COVID 19 we expect the new epidemic is more contagious and destructive viruses that are already created and waiting in the wings”.