Iggy Pop, Lisa Stansfield, Herbie Hancock and the Danish band Volbeat play at this summer’s Smukfest.

Smukfest has on Sunday presented four new names for this summer’s festival.

Among other things, the audience can look forward to rock – and punkikonet Iggy Pop, just like the festival has booked the u.s. jazz musician Herbie Hancock.

Also, the English singer Lisa Stansfield and the Danish band Volbeat are on Sunday presented as the new names on the poster, according to a press release from the festival.

Iggy Pop, who in the course of the years also has been nicknamed “the godfather of punk”, released for the first time music in the 1960s and has since made a lot of records, both solo and with The band, The Stooges.

The 72-year-old american is known as a very energetic musician on the stage and often perform in bare-chested.

The Danish band Volbeat has for many years toured in the UNITED states.

the Summer concert at Smukfest is the band’s first at the festival in ten years, and according to the Smukfest audience has had them high on the wish list.

Smukfest takes place in Dublin from 5. to 9. august.

the Festival is now presenting the last 20 names, including an international headliner, informs the festival.

Several festivals the world over have already canceled as a result of the coronavirus, but Smukfest expects to hold the festival, which is a bit later than many of the summer’s other festivals.

– At Smukfest, we are working every day in the hope that we for august have come on the back edge of the coronakrisen and, together, need to and need to keep a good and warm festival in the deer park in Skanderborg, writes the festival.