In normal times, lead Annika Jürgens and Solveigh dude a daycare center and a small business to family care. “We also have at home followed with excitement and mixed emotions to the news. After a few days, we thought, to build a platform, the professional listeners with nurses, Physicians, or other helping Professions networked,” say they to FOCUS Online.

The concept is very simple: can contact professionals, for example, psychologist and stress consultant. After a telephone conversation, the qualifications will be reviewed and a short time later, the Advisor can Our the “.Ear”join Team. Meanwhile, a good 75 experts of almost all the psychological and therapeutic disciplines borrow been callers to your ear. The Service is available to callers free of charge.

“The hospitals are gearing up, we do it”

On the other hand, Doctors and nurses, who need someone to listen, contact us, for example, with your personal request via E-Mail or via a contact form on Jürgens and dude. Screenshot Of “Our.Ear” The Online Platform, “Our.Ear”

This request anonymously in a Forum of the platform on which the Coaches have access to. A suitable consultant shall make himself available, get Doctors, nurses, etc. to the corresponding contact and the consultation can start.

On the great rush on the platform waiting for: “We think that this will increase the loads are getting bigger and bigger. We prepare for a lot of things. In many hospitals, the hut is burning, already. The equip on, and we’ll do the same. We want to help necessarily,“ says dude.

psychotherapist reported conversation with the doctor

The “Our.Ear“Team, the psychotherapist Anke Glaßmeyer heard. She has over “Our.Ear“ has already led two discussions. With a doctor and a Doctor each have their own private practice. the I need help I want to help

Glaßmeyer reported in an interview with FOCUS Online of very emotional conversations: “I have the feeling that you have to go to their limits. And we are still at the beginning of Corona. This is going to be significantly more intense. And then of course, you need even more advice.“

Because of the Corona pandemic, they had to restructure their practices, their already busy work days are even longer. The burden is already extremely borderline.

“you rant about the healthcare system,”

a Big issue is the lack of protective clothing was also again and again: “you rant about the health care system. Already for a long time it would be lack of enough protective equipment: masks, protective suits, et cetera. Also annoy you, of course, especially now that the nurses are so poorly paid. There’s a lot of coming together now.“ /iStockphoto A Doctor in the conversation

The risk is greater that the employees of the practice to infect “you no longer have the fear that you have then you need to include enough people, the practices, maybe even. It is just an incredibly difficult Situation. And again: The worst is probably still to come.“

And what can make you a psychologist then? “This Advisory in this stressful Phase is really important. It is also vital that we listen to. They really go out of their limits. It is not important that you break down. I advise always to make things that allow you to relax. Watch a movie, go out into nature.“

And very important: “It is now crucial to make breaks. This is difficult in the short term, helps in the long term, but tremendously.“

those interested can inform or directly via e-Mail report.

FOCUS-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

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