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Will it be possible for the Russians to rest in the summer resorts and to travel, found out the correspondent "the Russian newspaper". The tourist industry today is not easy, zero profit, selling tours and tickets suspended
In just the next few days is planned to transport home about 5 thousand Russians
This decision was taken by the immigration authorities of the Republic of
You have to fill in the questionnaire on the website "public Services"
Funds will be directed to compensation in connection with the pandemic coronavirus
The Cabinet adopted a decision on the return of tourists sums of money from the Fund personal liability of the tour operators. According to the order, the money will be returned if the trip was planned in the period from the commencement of the limitations due to the pandemic until June 1, 2020
Relevant agencies are developing new measures to support the tourism industry, which will be included in the second package, said the head of the Federal tourism Agency of sarin doguzova. The focus will be on domestic and inbound tourism
The Cabinet has allocated 3.5 billion rubles for the reimbursement of operators associated with non-refundable fares in air travel. The corresponding decree published on the government website
The Association of tour operators of Russia proposed to the government to suspend payments to travelers of compensation for cancelled tours until 2022. This step of the tour operators consider it necessary to include a set of measures to support the industry
Stuck in the Schengen area tourists, including from Russia, can extend the short term visa. Fined and deported them will not be, stated the EU Ambassador to Russia Markus Ederer
While in public places and transport, the Russians have to hold each other at a distance of meters, is spoken in the message of Rospotrebnadzor. You should also make sure megablade for all who returned to Russia
In the first place to Russia from abroad will take out those Russians who went abroad after January 1, 2020, then those who are permanently resident abroad. This was stated by the head of Rosaviatsiya Alexander Neradko
31 March, state Duma deputies intend to pass a law on assistance to business and a number of industries on the background of the coronavirus. In particular, all the tourists who have bought tickets abroad or in Russia, will receive one hundred percent compensation
From March 28 to suspend the work of the Russian resort areas. This is done in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the country. On the early closing of the season already announced the ski base
Hotels must stop taking guests, but to evict the residents already do not need, said the Federal tourism Agency. Guests will need to ensure the sanitary-epidemiological measures and to create the conditions for isolation
Russian citizens from Indonesia and Thailand will be in Russia within the next weeks. In the two countries is the large number of Russians at the moment. The variants of the export of citizens from Latin America
From 27 March entered into force the decision of the government of Maldives to suspend all tourists visas on arrival. Innovation extends to Russian tourists
Five Russian airlines received permission from the aviation authorities of the United Arab Emirates to carry out flights for export in the country of the Russians. Each of the carriers will make one flight
For hotels and resorts of Kuban from-for coronavirus have developed a range of quarantine measures. Until may 1, 2020, they recommended that the maximum one-time stay in the field of catering, conference rooms and other common areas of more than one hundred guests
Actively work on the issue of the return of Russian nationals from Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada, said the Federal air transport Agency. Also now the subject of consultations with the airlines, the schedule which still have flights to Latin America, the return of Russian citizens there
Order 57,8 thousand Russian tourists remain abroad, they will return to the Russian Federation until March 31, said in tourism. The majority of Russians are now in the countries of South-East Asia, the Caribbean and Turkey
The tourism industry could lose a trillion dollars in 2020 due to pandemic coronavirus. Despite the fact that the entire market is estimated at $ 1.7 trillion. In addition, according to experts, a job in tourism may lose 50 million people
From Serbia to Moscow evacuated 118 Russians, stuck in this Balkan country due to the imposition of emergency. In Serbia remain more than 100 of our compatriots. The Embassy encourages them to stay in touch and be ready for a quick departure
The evacuation of Russian citizens from Morocco and the Philippines, with special flights scheduled on March 23 and 25. 21-23 March 6 export scheduled flights mostly from European capitals. Representatives of the airlines of the Russian Federation subject to availability of places open selling tickets at affordable rates
Rosturizm recommended to the Russian citizens to temporarily refrain from trips outside the country to the normalization of the epidemiological situation. Organized travelers should contact their tour operators with the request to transfer the trip
The Federal tourism Agency began to collect data about Russian tourists abroad. To do this, the Agency launched a feedback form on your website. Information will only be used in case of an emergency
Russian tourists staying in Montenegro, will be able to return home flights of Russian airlines. In turn, the Federal tourism Agency recommends that travelers contact the embassies and consulates of the Russian Federation to organize the return
Now outside of Russia there are about 100 thousand of Russian tourists, said the tourism. Most of them are in the Caribbean and South-East Asia and also in Turkey
The Ministry of economic development has found a way to refund for tours, burned down due to the closure of countries by coronavirus. The money will be reimbursed to the tourists at the expense of Fund the personal responsibility of tour operators
From 18 March, the government of coronavirus prevents Russia to enter all without exception of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship. The time limit will be in effect until may 1. Mikhail Mishustin on the decision reported in telephone conversations with colleagues of several countries of the CIS
Rosturizm has published the list closed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus countries. The Ministry also said that about those who bought travel packages to these countries. Until access is closed to the four countries
Rosturizm has published the list closed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus countries. The Ministry also said that about those who bought travel packages to these countries. Until access is closed to the four countries
Rosturizm has published the list closed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus countries. The Ministry also said that about those who bought travel packages to these countries. Until access is closed to the four countries
The Italian owners of hotels and ski resorts advise visitors from Russia, it is not too late to come home. But air traffic is suspended. And it is not clear what to do in this situation
In Russia, identified four cases of infection with coronavirus. Three of the infected are located in Lipetsk, and two of them the disease progresses without obvious symptoms. Another ill - in Saint-Petersburg. All infected have visited Italy
Coronavirus broke the plans of many tourists going abroad. Already not sold tours to China, Iran, Italy and South Korea. As clients of agencies gathered in the trip, but changed their plans, unable to regain the money spent, find out the "RG"
Travel in Russia can be a good vacation option this spring: in the southern regions already warm and travel restrictions inside the country, noted in tourism. Another plus is attractive prices
Rosturizm recommended to the Russian tourists unless absolutely necessary not to visit the island of Hokkaido in Japan due to the spread of the coronavirus.
The epidemic of coronavirus has created an unprecedented situation in the tourism market that threatens its members billions of dollars of losses. This was announced by Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia Maya Lomidze
The loss of the tourism industry worldwide because of the coronavirus may reach $ 100 billion, said the Executive Director of ATOR Maya Lomidze. The losses of Russian tour operators already estimated at 27 billion rubles
The Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea declared reduction of prices on vacation in hotels and resorts in 2020. Accommodation for holidays in may became cheaper by 18 percent compared to the 2019 year and in the high holiday season - six percent
Yacht "Siberia" making the world dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica, need emergency assistance. The sailing ship with the flag of the "Russian newspaper" on Board was held hostage by the treacherous Drake passage and the faulty engine
European countries have the right to cancel the free movement within the Schengen agreement. This was stated by the Professor of European law at MGIMO Nikolai Toporin. "Each country solves its problems as it sees fit" - he said
The visa regime for the residents of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region during their trip to Finland should be abolished. The proposal was made by the mayor of the Finnish city of Savonlinna Janne Laine
In January, the tour operators have lost the Chinese market, in February - Italy, South Korea and Iran. In the case of closing other areas of the industry will suffer serious losses. According to ATOR, the tour operators have already lost 27 billion rubles taking into account the payment of the tourist money for the returned tours
Russian independent tourists are entitled to claim the refund for the cancelled due to coronavirus trip to Italy, Iran and South Korea. Previously Rosturizm recommended to stop the sale of tours to these countries
Tourists have the right to take trips to Italy, South Korea and Iran. The spread of the coronavirus, which killed nearly 3 thousand people is sufficient grounds for cancellation with a full refund of the cost of the permit, reminiscent of the CPS
In tourism urge the Russians to refrain from trips to Italy, South Korea and Iran. Tour operators pointed out the need to inform the tourists planning to travel to these countries, the risk of infection
In April rail freight operator in the Crimea will open new routes. Trains "Tavria" you can come to Simferopol and back from Kislovodsk, Yekaterinburg and Murmansk
Analysts said the fall in the cost of tickets for the period from March to may 2020

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