DOMRADIO.DE: Lord cardinal, you have said that worship and diakonia belong together. The extent to which it means something to you, to open the gates for the homeless?

Rainer Maria cardinal Woelki (Archbishop of Cologne): Yes, “the glory of God is the living man,” says St. Irenaeus of Lyon. And in the gospel we read, “what did you do to the Least of my sisters and brothers, you did it to me.” Therefore, we must open the gates in our Seminary, so that the people who currently live under great difficulties, without a roof over your head, which often have no warm meal of the day, have the opportunity to get something Warm to eat.

Above all you should also have the ability to clean and to shower. That was read just in the past few days in the Newspapers that there will be difficulties have opened up. Because we want to help just that people are people worthy of life, regardless of how needy you are or where you come from. I need help I would like to

patients from Italy to help in Catholic hospitals

DOMRADIO.DE: , Then, is further planned, that the Catholic record hospitals patients from Italy – far is your planning?

Woelki: That is so far advanced that we have the hospitals. There is the Celitinnen South, the two places available, two more places will be provided by the Olpener Franciscan sisters and in each case a further space from the composite of Catholic hospitals in Düsseldorf (VKKD), and St. Elisabeth hospital here in Hohenlind. Six places we can provide. The Coronavirus-reporting of FOCUS Online on Facebook

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Currently, we are in Westphalia, in close coordination with the officials of the state Chancellery of the land North Rhine-Westphalia. The German armed forces will with their special machines, your intensive-medically-equipped machines will bring these patients from Bergamo here to us. We get about a quarter of a day’s notice, that these patients are on its way to us and then we are ready to record. The can be today, can be tomorrow. We don’t know exactly how this organization will represent now.

DOMRADIO.DE: Many people are in great Need – both economically and health wise. What can you give to the people as a consolation on the way?

Woelki: As a consolation, I feel that I feel that quite a lot of people are there to help. If someone realizes that he is well, then you have the courage and report with the County clerk. You log on to their communities, log in to your pastors. Try to set a conversation in motion, take self-Initiative. You try to look at things: For example, music or a subject that will delight you.

I think that we need to stand together and help each other with the possibilities that are given to us now, not to speak, that we allow ourselves to be alone and that God is before all things also leaves any of us alone. But he is dependent on us to speak on our hands and our mouth – and to act.

worship is more celebrated, but challenges without people in the Church

DOMRADIO.DE: What is the significance of right now the prayer?

Woelki: The prayer of course is always an important source of power in any case. That is why we have thank God for our worship services, we are every day transferred here DOMRADIO.DE in the Morning at 8 o’clock and in the evening around 18.30 – and the possibility, even the rosary prayer is in the evening at 18 o’clock. Also, all are invited, of course. I am very grateful for this opportunity and know of many, that will give you the strength and comfort in this Situation gives you.

DOMRADIO.DE: How do you look back on the Easter, in this crisis, under special circumstances? FOCUS-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

Woelki: This will of course be for all of us a great challenge, even for me. I’m going to celebrate, as I have done in the last few weeks, on Sundays, and the high strength of course, always the worship for the entire diocese. All are invited, as I said, through the media, then join in the celebrations. to celebrate

But, without people in the house of God, is already a bit of a challenge, even for me. Then this beautiful and festive, and the sense of due and Liturgy, quasi in an empty Cathedral, celebrate, I can’t imagine yet. But I’m quite sure that all who are involved now and prepare already, will do the Best, so that those who are successful in the on the Internet and on television, are able to celebrate in a spiritual way, this is the highest Feast of Christendom, with.

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