The Waiting, the uncertainty, the fear of an end: Nancy and Matthias Nerlich and her two children (one and four years old) are back in Germany.

The family is from Stuttgart, Germany was stuck in Cambodia because of the global Corona pandemic, not back home. Last Thursday, FOCUS Online had published an appeal to the desperate parents, and therefore a volatile situation made aware.

Two planes to bring back Germans from Cambodia

Now, the Federal government has brought you, and many other German surprisingly from the Asian country. On Board the two planes that left on Sunday, the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, were, according to information from FOCUS Online also stranded citizens from other EU States.

On Monday, at exactly 5 o’clock in the morning, landed family Nerlich in a machine of the Qatar Airways (flight number QR 3253) in Frankfurt am Main. The flight with a stopover in the Qatari capital, Doha, had lasted a total of 16 hours.

Stuttgart family must return transportation for yourself. pay

After landing in Germany, the 35-year-old Nancy said Nerlich overjoyed to FOCUS Online: “We are very glad that it has given the return action We would like to thank the German Embassy in Phnom Penh and the Federal government.“

The family sat in Economy Class and has to pay the costs of the Return shipment yourself. Before the departure, the parents had to find a form to sign. In the statement, it says: “I recognize the legal obligation to refund a Pro-rata cost of the disaster measures.” How high the sum will be specific, do not know the Rescued still.

at the end of an Odyssey: Lost and helpless in Asia

With their return to Germany on an Odyssey ending for the Baden-Württemberger. Three months ago Nancy and Matthias were broken Nerlich and sons Jaron and Jonas to Asia, to spend parents time. Since the end of February, the four Stuttgart were in Cambodia.

Because of the global Corona-crisis and the tightening of terms and conditions of travel you were not able to leave the country – like many other German tourists also. All Attempts to get a flight from Cambodia, failed. Neither the diplomatic representation in Phnom Penh, your travel Agency could help.

According to FOCUS-Online-article: offers even from Switzerland

In desperation, posted Nancy Nerlich on Facebook a call for help (“dear Federal Republic of Germany”), the FOCUS Online reported. The article provoked a lot of response from Readers and triggered a wave of helpfulness. Even the owner of a travel Agency in Switzerland, came forward and offered their support.

Although the family knew Nerlich, that the Federal government wants to get back to 200,000 German tourists sitting because of the Corona pandemic all over the world. However, only 21 countries were up last Thursday on the list for return actions – Cambodia was not there. This has changed. This Monday were listed on the Homepage of the Federal foreign office, a total of 42 countries, including Cambodia.

revenue at the end of the E-Mail came 24 hours before the departure

family Nerlich has received 24 hours prior to the departure of the proceeds at the end of E-Mail that it is scheduled for the return flight. “At the airport, very many Germans were, a long queue of people went through the entire hall,” says Nancy Nerlich to FOCUS Online.

the staff of The German Embassy had done “an incredibly good Job”, as the Stuttgart. “You have collected the necessary documents, all of the problems of the people taken care of and were every time you Check-In here to clarify issues.”

family feels healthy but under quarantine

family Nerlich is relieved to be back in Germany – and careful. “We want to go in a 14-day self-isolation,” said the mother. Although the family was feeling “fit and healthy”, but in the plane of contact to other people was not avoided “to”.

Neither in Cambodia nor to the arrival in Germany of the passengers had been tested on Corona.

Emotional cry for help out of Isolation: “We have unbearable anxiety,” FOCUS Online Emotional cry for help out of Isolation: “We have unbearable anxiety”