A 15-year-old boy was found dead Saturday morning in Hørby. A man is charged with having left him helpless.

Saturday morning, The Police contacted by a citizen who had found a lifeless boy in an outdoor sports facilities in Hørby in Vendsyssel.

the Police were investigating the matter intensely the subsequent hours and be late on Saturday night, arresting a 32-year-old man in the case.

this was stated by The north Jutland Police.

the Deceased is a 15-year-old boy from the local area. The arrested man is alleged to have left the teenager in helpless condition.

Sunday has the suspect been made in grundlovsforhør at the Court in Hjørring. Here, a judge decided to varetægtsfængsle him until the 24. april. It informs vicepolitiinspektør Sune Myrup.

– He refuses to commit and have the ditch imprisonment, he says.

Vicepolitiinspektøren can not disclose the details of the charge, but it can, in turn, senior prosecutor, Kim Kristensen from the North jutland Police.

He met the public prosecutor in grundlovsforhøret.

– The 32-year-old is charged with violation of penal code section 250 by the night of Saturday or early on the morning of Saturday to have transported the now deceased 15-year-old boy in the helpless state.

– Probably by having given the young man the narcotic substances and/or to have left the young man – who was under the defendants ‘ custody – in a helpless condition, says Kim Kristensen.

Grundlovsforhøret held behind closed doors.

Why can the public not understand what evidence the prosecution has presented. Or what the accused has explained.

the Charge was read out, before the doors were closed, just as the suspect went on to say that he refuses guilty.

Since Saturday morning a number of citizens have been questioned, and the police have made technical studies on and around the site in Hørby, where the boy was found. Hørby is located between Sæby and Østervrå in the Municipality of Frederikshavn.

Of the arrested themselves are from Hørby, is unknown, but he lives in each case, in Frederikshavn Municipality, police said.

After grundlovsforhøret continuing police investigation. Vicepolitiinspektør Sune Myrup can’t tell what caused the boy’s death.

– There are waiting a lot of studies, so we can’t get it closer to at the present time, says Sune Myrup Sunday afternoon.