A 15-year-old boy was found dead Saturday morning in Hørby. A man is charged with having left him helpless.

Saturday morning, The Police contacted by a citizen who had found a lifeless boy in an outdoor sports facilities in Hørby in Vendsyssel.

the Police were investigating the matter intensely the subsequent hours and be late on Saturday night, arresting a 32-year-old man in the case.

It writes the north Jutland Police in a press release.

the Deceased is a 15-year-old boy from the local area. The arrested man is alleged to have left the teenager in helpless condition.

the Police does not disclose the circumstances under which the boy is dead.

– It is a very tragic case, says vicepolitiinspektør Sune Myrup in the press release.

He adds that the police investigation has been able to prove that prior to the time of death has been contact between the boy and the now-arrested man.

for The sake of the investigation the police may not inform you specifically what contact there has been between the two.

– But it is with the background of this contact and of course the other information that our exploration has provided that today we manufacture the man arrested in a grundlovsforhør with the requirements of imprisonment, says vicepolitiinspektør Sune Myrup.

Since Saturday morning has The Police questioned a number of citizens and made technical studies on and around the spot where the boy was found.

Hørby is located between Sæby and Østervrå in the Municipality of Frederikshavn.

Of the arrested themselves are from Hørby, is unknown, but he lives in each case, in Frederikshavn Municipality, police said.

The 32-year-old man will face a judge Sunday at 11.00 in a closed grundlovsforhør of the Court in Hjørring.

Meanwhile, continue the police investigation. Because grundlovsforhøret will be held behind closed doors, and out of respect for the investigation, want the police preliminary not to tell more about the case.

When a grundlovsforhør held behind closed doors, the general public will have the opportunity to hear the charges against the suspect.

But the evidence in the case, and the defendants ‘ explanation, will not be presented to the public.