The artist from St. Petersburg wants to give the stars a portrait of buckwheat

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the Artist from St.-Petersburg Alexey Shabalin wants to give Ivan Urgant portrait of the presenter, made from buckwheat. He told Moscow 24 whence this idea came.

“In 2014, for my family was the most difficult times. At that time there was a crisis, it so happened that the family had large financial problems. Because of them one time was so bad that we ate only buckwheat and drink it with water,” admitted the young man.

One New year’s and winter I remembered: it was all so scary and loaded problems that in the evening my family sat and watched the transfer of Ivan. And, you know, it somehow made our lives easier, gives some hope that soon everything will be corrected.
Alex Sublinhado

Now, in the words of a young man in his family were doing better: everything is fine and of Alexei, and his family. “I am grateful to Ivan that he, even from the TV, was at this time near us, his positive energy is somehow transferred to us,” explained Alex.

the Artist decided to Express my gratitude not only with words. “Two weeks ago I found out that is known to host a birthday coming up. I remembered that story from my childhood, and I thought, they can thank this man, and interesting way. Otherwise it just will not notice, if I draw something ordinary, typical,” – said Shabalin and added that picture of buckwheat is not only unusual, but symbolic for him.

I want to give Ivan a picture at the meeting in person to Express my gratitude and respect, to thank for the fact that he was with us in that difficult time.
Alex Sublinhado

Earlier in the Moscow region artists in an unusual way thanked the doctors who treat patients with coronavirus. On the field near Podolsk, they painted a huge heart, and over it with white paint wrote: “Thank you, doctors.”

“How like doing, so we decided like to show and write: “Thank you doctors”. The inscription the floorcreased very large. It took us about 32 litres of paint, but it is harmless, when the first rain it all washed away,” explained one of the artists Ilya Demchenko.

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