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Marks a half-century feat of crew of the Soviet nuclear submarine K-8 sank April 12 in the waters of the Bay of Biscay. At the moment, immortalized the names of the 37 sailors of the 52 victims, the search for relatives of other characters continue
Joseph Stalin on 7 April 1945, wrote a letter to the President of the United States to protest against secret negotiations of the allies with the Nazis about a separate peace and stop their plans. Read more about it read in a material Nikolay Dolgopolov
The Ministry of defence has published another batch of declassified documents from the holdings of the Central archive of the defense Ministry. They relate to the liberation of Bratislava from Nazi occupiers
The future bomber of the U.S. air force B-21 Raider will not perform combat operations at low altitude. This hypothesis has received confirmation from the leadership of the U.S. air force
The first of April 1945, part of the 2nd Ukrainian front reached the North-Eastern outskirts of Bratislava. And already on April 4 the Soviet troops stormed the capital of Slovakia. Read more about this in the article "WG"
In the last days of March 1945, troops of the 3rd Ukrainian front came to the Hungarian-Austrian border, and then entered the territory of Austria. We entered into a special country - the homeland of the führer
Russian fighter su-35 is superior to the American F-16 not only in terms of maneuverability and close-combat, but the level of protection from exposure to high-precision weapons
In the framework of a sudden inspection of the troops raised the alarm based in Yekaterinburg medical detachment of special purpose. Meanwhile, in the four regions of the secondary cooling zone has formed a specialized group of forces
Russian warships are tracking maneuvers in the Black sea frigates Fredericton canadian Navy and the Italian Virginio Fasan. In the framework of the exercise, they will meet with the Turkish frigate Salihreis and the Romanian Regina Maria
In the United States called the pros and cons of the T-64. It was called supertanker the cold war, and admitted that T-64 is still a formidable machine
180 years ago in Vilnius province was born Frantisek Bogushevich, one of the founders of modern Belarusian literature. But the value of this multifaceted figure far exceeds the comfortable limits of artistic creation, which everyone now can get an idea by visiting the house-Museum of the writer in Caslano Grodno region
The United States reinforce the air defence system in Iraq after the shelling of the base in Taji. The Pentagon said that fear not only ballistic missiles, but also attacks Iranian drones
Five days before the start of the war head of the foreign intelligence of the USSR Pavel Fotin reported to Stalin about the impending invasion of Germany. Then it was hard work during world war II. However, immediately after the war of Phytin dismissed. Why - read in the material "RG"
March 7, 1960, American helicopter pilots noticed in the open sea semiflooded barge on which people lay. The rescued people were brought aboard the carrier. They said that they do not need anything but fuel and food, and that they will get home. Soviet sailors had been at sea for 49 days without food and water
In January 1945, the strikes of the 4th SS Panzer corps put 3-th Ukrainian front on the brink of disaster. Like back 1941 - crushed by tanks artillery regiment, trapped in the ring division. And in March of 1945, Hitler tried one last time to turn the tide lost them the war
The first experimental female crew formed in the Russian Navy. To serve three girls will be on patrol boat "Raptor" in the black sea fleet
Intervention by Leo Tolstoy in this story has led to two consequences. First, the ordinary name was saved from oblivion: the complete works of classics it is mentioned 22 times. Second, we began to look at the case of private Shabunina the eyes of the writer
Day of special operations Forces is celebrated in Russia for the sixth time. The path of formation of the national MTR was not strewn with roses, but they were able to prove its effectiveness
American experts have called the problem that will impede the actions of NATO tanks in the event of a military conflict with Russia in Eastern Europe. It is associated with the weight of Western art