Became known details of the massacre in Ryazan region

Recall the evening of April 4 in the village of Elatma Kasimov district near the entrance of a three storey house shots rang out. The inhabitant of this house from my balcony made the remark to young people that, in his opinion, talking too loud. Young people are not listened to, there was a verbal sparring. Then a disgruntled man took a shotgun and went down to the porch. The result: killed three young men and a woman. The oldest victim was 31, the youngest – 22.

the Shooter tried to escape, but was detained by the police. A criminal case under article “Murder of two or more persons”, the case conducts Investigatory management SKR across the Ryazan region.

it is Already known that the gun was registered, as expected. Found and the identity of the killer is a 32-year-old Anton Francico.

the Interlocutors of the correspondent “RG” in the security services and law enforcement agencies suggest that the tragedy could have been unacceptable in the simplest way – not to issue a permit to the citizen Franekova on the weapon. According to preliminary reports, the man suffers from a mental disorder. And the neighbors speak ill of him, calling him “abnormal”. In principle, it by definition cannot be an owner of any firearm barrel.

And here miracles begin. Suddenly it turns out that he worked in a mental hospital. It becomes clear where his certificate own sanity. In General, the investigation is over what to work. In particular, to find out what the doctor has signed and affixed his seal this certificate.

Photo: Alexander Ryumin/TASS SK posted a video from the scene of the shooting of five people near Ryazan

by the Way, experts suggest that the killer, getting a weaponall was not going to hunt. The vast majority of hunters still prefer the shotgun. Have Franekova was adnetwork with a smooth barrel. The consequence yet does not name the type of weapon, but judging by the rate of fire, it was a bolt action rifle, something like “Saiga” or MTS. From dnothreads it from five to kill just hadn’t had time to recharge after each shot. Two people – a married couple – he shot right in the entrance, and the woman was hit in the head. The others killed in the street.

it is clear that there is no self-defence it was not – no one in the apartment of the killer wasn’t full, the shooting was carried far beyond his home. Yes, and the reason for the conflict is very unconvincing – people talking loudly, when the clock was about 22.00 and at the weekend – on Saturday.