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Master plans for extinguishing forest fires approved in all regions, systems of prevention and suppression in General prepared. At the same time to the forest fire season 2020 14 regions considered partially ready
The area of the fire was 250 square meters
The fire occurred in the building at the address: Zhukov proezd, 20
As a result of fire one person was injured
The fire completely destroyed the dome of the Cathedral
The fire area made about 800 square meters
In the course of extinguishing the fire saved five people
The equestrian theater artists, died Sunday in a fire at a private club in Zaraysk.
The state service for emergency situations of Ukraine reported that three aircraft, two helicopters and 64 pieces of equipment brought to the fire in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl NPP, which has been raging for will nedelnami that the fire began on 4 April and reached the area of 35 hectares
To extinguish fires brought 353 people and 89 pieces of equipment
The body of the deceased prisoner was removed from the rubble after a fire in colony No. 15 in Angarsk, Irkutsk region, said the Commissioner for human rights in the Irkutsk region Victor Ignatenko
The reason for the prisoner's death is not yet established
Victims of night fire in the West of Moscow was 73-year-old pensioner and her 39-year-old son
In the apartment of a 16-storey building in the South-West of the capital, a fire occurred, which killed two people
According to preliminary data, the fire occurred as a result of prison riot
Suburban firefighters extinguish a major fire at a warehouse in city Ramenskoye
The fire occurred in the apartment of a 16-storey building
16 people were injured, according to specified data, the fire in boarding house for elderly people in Moscow, have informed in the emergency services of the city
Deputy mayor for housing and Peter Biryukov, in conversation with journalists has named the preliminary cause of fire in the nursing home in the West of the capital, which resulted in the deaths of four people
The rescuer during the evacuation gave his mask to the patient
The threat of the spread of natural fires and the combustion gases from the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl NPP on the territory of Bryansk region is not stated in the MOE. Background radiation is also normal
In the Chelyabinsk burn center has died, the child received severe burns after the explosion in an apartment building of Magnitogorsk on March 26. The boy had burns on 100 percent of the body and upper respiratory tract
The number of deaths in a fire at a two-storey residential house in Yekaterinburg increased to eight people. Died in the hospital the woman informed hospitalized from the place of incident with extensive burns
The cause of the fire in an apartment wooden house in Ekaterinburg, most likely, was arson. For this version of the bow investigators. Also they will need to know how old the house was not equipped with fire detector
In Yekaterinburg opened a criminal case after a fire in a wooden residential barracks and the death of seven people. The case was initiated under two articles: "murder publicly dangerous method" and "arson."
MOE reported on the suppression of the fire. Firefighters managed to cope with natural fires on the territory of Russia. But even before the situation with the fire was very severe in several regions
Farewell to winter in art-Park "Nikola-Lenivets" this year had become unrealistic in scope and entertainment of mystical performance-the ritual is primarily directed by the nature itself. Specially for the event architects Peter Advisers and Faith stepansky has designed a huge bridge (a height of 20 meters and a width of 66), who for three months was built from wood construction waste and hay are the local residents. And on the last day of winter the art object burned with the participation of five thousand guests. The apotheosis of the event was ice castle, turned the farewell to winter in the play of the elements.
In the Moscow region at a vegetable warehouse, a fire occurred in the area of 5 thousand square meters, informs the Agency "Moscow" with reference to emergency services
The capital's firefighters put out a fire in a residential building in Central Moscow, reports on Friday morning, the Agency TASS citing a source in the emergency services
Emergency workers rescued from a building to eight people
Emergency workers managed to save three people
In the course of works on liquidation of fire from the 13th floor rescued three people
The fire occurred at a depth of 100 meters
Burned personal belongings in the area of 10 square meters
Burned personal belongings in the area of 10 square meters
Another 15 people for security purposes, got out of the house to the street
The fire spread to the 25th floor in the dining room
In place of promptly there arrived the staff of the emergency services
Just rescued 11 people, among them there are children
The fire happened on the second floor balcony
In the cinema there is a short circuit in one of the halls
The fire occurred in the area of 15 square meters in house 15 in the street Innovators
The fire area is about 200 square meters
The fire area totaled 1.6 thousand square meters

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