14 regions found to be of limited ready for forest fire season

In 35 regions introduced special fire-prevention regime providing for a ban on visits to forests, citizens, any actions with an open fire and increased fines for violations of fire safety Rules in forests. In a separate municipal districts of TRANS-Baikal and Krasnodar regions introduced a state of emergency.

Photo: AP Photo/Yaroslav Yemelianenko Forest fire in the Chernobyl zone abates

master plans for extinguishing forest fires approved in all regions, systems of prevention and suppression in General prepared. At the same time, the results of the audits of the Federal forestry Agency for forest fire season 2020 14 regions considered partially ready. “This willingness needs to be brought up to the state maximum. For obvious reasons we are entering the most difficult period. About 88% of the fires accounted for the spring-summer period, when the result of uncontrolled burning of dry grass under attack are the towns and socially important facilities,” – said the Deputy Chairman of the government of Victoria Abramchenko at a meeting with heads of regions on preparation for the fire season in forests in 2020.

According to Vice-Premier, to minimize the danger of occurrence and spread of forest fires over large areas will allow for timely prevention, management decisions and operational responses: “Today’s monitoring systems allow to identify and trace all thermal spots in the mode almost real-time. However, the experience of last year, it is important to ensure the speed of response for these data is to take measures to eliminate fires in the first days”. So, in 2019 for the first day were able to eliminate fires 11 regions – rethe Republic of Komi, Udmurtia, Perm Krai, Vladimir, Kemerovo, Kirov, Leningrad, Novosibirsk, Sakhalin, Tver, Yaroslavl region.

Photo: AP Photo/Yaroslav Yemelianenko MOE told about radiation levels at the boundary due to the fire at Chernobyl

To monitor fire danger operative delivery of forces and means to the fires in the framework of the national project “Ecology” in the regions delivered more than 13 thousand units of fire-fighting vehicles and equipment. In 2020, the technical equipment of the regions there are 3.2 billion rubles.

Deputy Prime Minister also drew attention to the fact that in 100% of cases by cause in 2020 of forest fires is the human factor: careless handling of fire or deliberate burning of dry grass. Despite the introduction of the ban in regions not stopped the practice of burning dry grass on agricultural land and reserve lands, and near roads and Railways. “The very extraordinary situation often becomes a breeding ground for information of speculation and the introduction of citizens in error. We should not create an information vacuum, and in the staff mode to provide objective and accurate information on the spread of forest fires. So I ask the FFA to organize weekly informing the public about the real situation and the measures that take the Federal and regional authorities”, – said Victoria Abramchenko.

the Ministry of agriculture jointly with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of environment is mandated to prepare proposals for additional measures aimed at preventing the transition of fire from agricultural lands to forest lands, including measures to STImelirovanie conduct opachki of agricultural land, creation of fire lines, which will not allow the fire to spread from farmland to forest lands. “Government support should be provided only to those producers who promptly carry out all preventive measures and prevent the transition of fire from their land,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

MOE try IT the app to deal with fire

Given the special value of the forest Fund, its environmental and resource potential, the Chairman noted the responsibility of the governors for their work in this area and has proposed the method of evaluating the performance of governors criteria for the protection of forests from fires. “Regions that have successfully passed the fire season and prevent damage to forests by the end of the year, can be awarded”, – said Abramchenko.

the Number of forest fires since the beginning of the year amounted to 1514. Most of the fires have on the regions of the Far East and Siberia. In 2020, forest fires have covered about 223 hectares and This area is comparable to last year (on the same date last year, the fires passed 203,6 thousand hectares). 80% of the area of forest fires has had on the TRANS-Baikal and the Khabarovsk territory.

According to statistics, the largest number of fires falls in the spring and summer (88%), including in April-may (39%) and June-August (49%).