MOE: Fire at Chernobyl does not threaten the Russian regions

Earlier it was reported that the fire was in those places where there was radioactive contamination after the Chernobyl accident. The place of fires are on the territory of Ukraine, but relatively close to the Russian border. Given the potential danger of the transfer of radiation-contaminated ash, the rescuers EMERCOM of Russia in Bryansk region are monitoring the situation.

Photo: AP Photo/Yaroslav Yemelianenko Ukrainian police found the culprit of forest fires in the Chernobyl area

According to the Center for collection and exchange of information and automated risk management emergencies of the civil code “Bryansk fire-rescue center”, the threat of spread of fire and products of combustion from the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl NPP on the territory of the region is missing. Background radiation also is OK, – reported in the Bryansk Directorate of the Ministry of emergency situations.

According to the above data, the distance from forest fires to the nearest border of the Bryansk region (Klimovsky and zlynkovskiy areas) is 190 km away, and Bryansk – 400 km.

– In the previous three days were prevailing North-West wind, so the smoke from the fires was drifting into the opposite region side. In the coming days, the wind direction will not change. If we assume that the wind will change its direction to South-West, and its speed is 10 m/s, to reach the borders of the Bryansk region smoke cloud will take 5 to 11 days, said the head of EMERCOM of Russia across the Bryansk region Vadim Averkin.