Proposed to declare Amnesty for drivers deprived of their rights

this initiative was made by a member of the Chamber of young legislators under the Council of Federation Dmitry Guliyev. The relevant proposal was submitted to the state Duma. However, he stressed that the Amnesty should not be exposed to those who were demoted to pedestrians for violations related to alcohol, speeding, or any repeated driving offenses.

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According to him, speech can go about tens of thousands of people. For reference: six months of last year, the courts have deprived of the rights for leaving the scene of an accident more than 12 thousand people. For driving without license plates left for some time without a rudder 3.6 thousand people. For departure on an oncoming lane punished by deprivation of the rights of 4,8 thousand people. It’s only the mass of the article proposed Amnesty. Many other articles the expense of the disenfranchised in the hundreds.

“it is Clear that whatever the situation, we should not grant Amnesty to those who sat behind the wheel in an alcohol intoxication, – says Dmitry Guliyev. Public danger of such behavior does not allow to consider any mitigation options, even in exceptional circumstances, which certainly belongs to the coronavirus pandemic. But as punished in some other articles, I’m sure there is a reason to return such people behind the wheel. Not all of them can stay home and go into a mode of isolation, many are forced to perform their professional duties in a normal mode, for example, doctors, energy, employees of operative services, etc.”.

While in Russia there was no precedent for Amnesty for punished under articles of the administrative code. But the power to grant Amnesty is a constitutional right of the state Duma, and, strictly speaking, the Basic Law does not limit the possibility of Amnesty only in criminal cases. Especially in the new draft administrative code provides for the possibility of amnesties in cases of administrative offences.

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in addition, Mr Guliyev has written to the Director of the Federal bailiff service of the proposal to suspend the lock of a driver’s license the debtors for the duration of measures against the spread of coronavirus. According to the Federal bailiff service of Russia, on February 1, was limited in the use of the special law 242 thousands of debtors.

“the Question is not about how to forgive and write off the debts data, no commitments should be made, – stressed Dmitry Guliyev. But now to the fore other tasks: it is necessary to stop the spread of dangerous infection, and it is taking extraordinary measures. It would therefore be logical for the duration of special epidemiological events to allow people to drive rather than use public transport, increasing the risk of infection and the spread of infection. Subsequently, if necessary, the effect of coercive measures may be resumed”.