Farmers will continue to sow and bread to be on duty on the highway M-4

the correspondent of “RG” told the member of Public chamber of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of the Association of peasant (farmer) farms of Russia Alexander Shipulin. He lives and works in the Leningrad region of Kuban, where, on a farm East is located the farm “the Warm camp”. Founded 30 years ago on the basis of the foster family, it became the “main enterprise” for a small farm of 100 yards.

Planting in Russia go ahead c

Thanks to this it managed to maintain a kindergarten, school, club and first-aid station.

And these spring days almost all the adult population of the farm held their backyards and in the field.

“the Farmers planting potatoes in their gardens, and the farmers brought in the box technique – told “RG” the race. – Sow sugar beet, go after sunflower, corn, and other spring crops. Our operators are working from dawn to dusk. Of course, respect all the rules of disinfection. And in the cab of the tractor or planter – natural-isolation. Colleagues from other regions, with whom we regularly talk on the phone, tell the same story. Everyone understands that our work directly affected the food security of the country.”

For farmers of the Kuban, which is called the Russian breadbasket, this task is particularly important. In late February, after a warm winter, experts assessed the condition of 99 percent of the crops as good and gave generally favorable for the harvest. There is no shortage of mineral fertilizers, plant protection means, as well as in soft loans. But in late March it became clear that the harvest can ruin a drought. So now the farmers and villagers to look to the sky.

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“on March 31 in most parts of the province the rain has gone, – said Shipulin. – It is a pity that precipitation is negligible, hoping for a big April rain. And so – works as usual. We continue to produce flour, feed, pasta, hay for the animals. Every morning out on the line machine, which delivers our products to consumers.”

According to the farmer, especially popular feed for livestock, “And, although the hay we’re at the end, try not to deny anyone, knowing that people have nothing to feed the cows home. Given the high demand, decided this year to produce more hay and concentrated feed”.

as for prices, then any one of its products the farmer they were not promoted. His colleagues from the Kuban and other regions do the same: no one is going to cash in on the increased demand for food.

East a small farm, set back from the main roads. And today is his advantage. Compared with the village Kislyakovskaya with nearly six thousand inhabitants, near which passes the Federal highway M-4. The flow of cars, despite the quarantine, moving in the direction of the Crimea and the black sea coast of Kuban.

“once it became known that this week will be broken on the track appeared a lot of cars from other regions, – the Chairman of the Board Kislyakovskogo rural settlement Eugene Shakun. Most were transported on roof racks the bikes and inflatable boats. The owners of the car did not hide what was going on. That along with them can get here the bacilli of the contagion that affected their home towns, they seem not thought. Clearly, we have taken measures to protect the villagers”.

Photo: iStock Activity of regions of the Russian Federation on the organization of agricultural insurance has increased dramatically

According to Eugene, the duty is organized. In the mobile brigade, the catwho circumambulate the streets, yards, shops and businesses of local entrepreneurs, joined the Cossacks and rural deputies.

“Explain the law, make sure to observe the established sanitary-epidemiological requirements, – says Eugene. – Make sure without the need not out on the street, especially children. Offenders take videos, to decide how to punish them, then we will. The main thing now – to convince all of the need to observe the established mode of self-isolation”.

a farm “Shakun”, which works Eugene, recently opened a bakery, which supplies bread is not only the villagers, but also neighbors. “All our employees are provided with masks and antiseptics, – says the farmer. – Drivers and vendors – also wearing masks and gloves. Employees not involved in the production process transferred to the remote mode. And machine the whole day spend in the field.”

the Kuban farmers believe that an infectious outbreak will not affect the yield.

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