The Swedish monarchy has isolated themselves in a castle outside of Stockholm in order to avoid corona virus. This means that the pair like many other grandparents, neither can be visited by children or grandchildren.

And it is a special situation for the king and queen. It tells of king Carl Gustaf in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, where he also airs his views on the coronavirussen, and tells how it is to work from home as a king.

even Though Sweden, unlike Denmark is not completely shut down, the Swedish monarchy chosen to go in a kind of selvisolation – or social distancing – at the castle Stenhammer in Sörmland to the west of Stockholm.

the King and queen are with their respectively soon 74 years and 76 years at risk and follow the authorities ‘ advice to stay away from others and to work from home.

And the Swedish king takes the coronavirussen very seriously:

“It is a global tragedy, a drama without equal. A moving target. It is moving all the time. We don’t know how it ends,” he says to Dagens Nyheter.

He does not believe that the pandemic can be compared with the pandemic ‘The Spanish flu’, which struck between 20 and 40 million people in 1918 and 1919.

“It moves much faster and has a different flow. We travel a lot. There is a new speed, no one could have guessed that this would happen in Sweden,” says king, who like many others has been turned up and down in his everyday life.

on the one hand he had to take video conferencing to be able to fit his work as a head of state per long distance. It works quite fine, believe the king.

He even believe that it can give rise to more in the future might be able to work at home to a greater extent, so you would save the the climate for any fuel.

Furthermore, the king, to coronavirussen perhaps can change people’s behavior and reduce the travel continue even after the acute virusfase is over, when people get their eyes up for the fact that they can easily keep a nice vacation in their home country.

in Addition, the king and queen not see their children or grandchildren for the time being.

Already some weeks ago was the king and crown princess Victoria separated from each other, so that does not happen both of them something, as it is the practices one follows in an acute crisis situation such as this.

the king and queen keep however in touch with children and grandchildren at just over skype. And although it’s not quite the same, so it works, tells the king.

King Carl Gustaf also says that he has used the self-imposed ‘isolation’ to get read some of the books – and then he and the queen started to paint an old støbejernssofa.

He also recommends people to go for a walk in the woods, so they get touched a little bit, like he also remembers people to use cell phones and call each other, so nobody feels lonely.

Carl Gustaf will be in the interview, also asked to be Sweden’s decision to go its own way in tackling the spread of infection, which you have chosen not to close the country down – which has provided much debate in Denmark.

To this he answers:

“We’ll see what comes out of it all. But we hope that the authorities and the experts with their knowledge and experience, leads to the best decisions:”