102 coronasmittede people have lost their lives in Sweden, informs the authorities on Saturday. Friday was the number 92.

As the first country in the Nordic region, Sweden has topped 100 deaths that can be related to the ongoing coronavirusudbrud.

It informs Folkhälsomyndigheten, there is the Swedish equivalent of the Danish national board of Health in Denmark, on Saturday.

More precisely, it is about 102 coronadødsfald, shows the figures from the Folkhälsomyndigheten. Friday was the total number of coronadødsfald of 92.

the Number of confirmed smittetilfælde in Sweden sounds at 3447. This is an increase of more than 400 patients in relation to Friday.

The Danish authorities have on Saturday afternoon also published updated figures. Here it appears that 65 coronasmittede persons so far have lost their lives. In all 2201 people have been found infected with the virus.

Sweden has distinguished itself by having a somewhat less restrictive approach to virusudbruddet than many other countries – including the nordic neighbours.

Among other things, schools and restaurants still open.

First Friday was the limit for the allowed assemblies to be lowered from 500 to 50 persons in Sweden. It is almost two weeks ago, the Danish government banned all public gatherings of more than ten persons.

Particularly the Swedish capital, Stockholm, has been hit hard by coronavirusudbruddet. Almost half of all smittetilfælde and over half of all deaths have been confirmed in Stockholm.

The Swedish prime minister, Stefan Löfven, shall not refuse to isolate Stockholm from the rest of the country, writes the Swedish news agency TT.

Finland has chosen to do with its capital, Helsinki.