Swedish epidemiologists are sounding the alarm – the last month has claimed highest number of lives of the Swedes. In a country with a population of just over 10 million people per month was 10458 deaths. Experts see one of the main reasons for this is too soft an approach to coronavirus. However, opponents of austerity measures argue that the situation is less clear: mortality is already in decline and predict that the numbers for may will be much lower.

Sweden and Belarus became one of the most discussed in the media of countries in recent months. The reason for this phenomenon is simple – these European countries not to impose strict measures in order to stop the coronavirus.

And if Sweden went for the compromise path, canceling all public events, Belarus did not make allowances for the coronavirus in General. In this country held a traditional parade on may 9, and on schedule hosted all the matches of football championship.

Right there was the government of Belarus and Sweden is difficult to say. But what is clear is the experience of these countries has considerably accelerated the process of exit from the quarantine of other States.

I Must admit that a catastrophic outbreak was not observed neither in Belarus nor in Sweden. Another question – is it possible it would be to cope with the disease better than did the governments of these countries?

Some experts believe that it is possible. As an example, they take the Swedish model (Belarusian variant seems to them even now too radical). According to official data, in Sweden over the past month died from various causes over 10 thousand people. In order to find a month in Sweden more people have died, will have to “rewind” until December 1993. Then the dead were more than 11 thousand people.

According to official data, almost every fourth victim in April, the Swede died from the coronavirus, to date, the number of victims COVID-19 in the country has reached 3,700. The number of cases of Swedes had increased to 30 thousand people.

This allows skeptics to claim that the idea of Prime Minister Stephen Leuven was disastrous: the absence of limitations in Sweden led to the most deadly month for the last 27 years.

As an example, they cite the neighbouring Denmark (where 11 thousand sick and a little more than 500 victims) and Norway (8 thousand cases, 233 victims). In these countries were immediately imposed quarantine because they were able to stop the epidemic at an early stage. However, the population of both countries is two times less than in Sweden.

However, supporters of the “Swedish approach” to combat the coronavirus have that object. First, at the moment it is very difficult to say how much affect the epidemic of restrictive measures. As an example, in Belgium was a hard quarantine, and still there were 55 you��Yach cases of infection with coronavirus, which has claimed more than 9 thousands of lives of Belgians. It is important to note that the population of Belgium is only slightly more than the population of Sweden, so to explain this gap is very difficult.

in addition, supporters of the “Swedish model” question, and some statistical conclusions. Mortality is indeed high in 27 years, however, many forget that during this period the population increased significantly. And if to look not on the death rate in absolute numbers and in rates per 100 thousand people, it turns out that, for example, in January 2000, this figure was higher than it is now. Then the mortality rate was 110,8 100 thousand people, while now it is only 101,1. It is significant that in 2000 and 1993 in Sweden has been raging epidemic of conventional flu, which has hit the country harder than the current coronavirus.

we should note that in Sweden now starts statistics encouraging – the number of new infected, though still large, but certainly not reaches a peak incidence was in the second half of April. The situation is similar with deaths from coronavirus, which is slowly but steadily on the decline. Rather, the indicators may be significantly lower than the April peak.

one way or another, but it is already clear that Sweden is planning to do without quarantine. This decision can be considered both good and bad.

on the one hand, there is a possibility that this country would follow the example of other Nordic countries and will be managed in the epidemic.

But on the other hand, the Swedes were able to save its economy from a powerful crisis, which brings quarantine. And the economy is also the health and lives of people – even though they do not fall directly into some statistics.