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Every day meetings with representatives from the Folkhälsomyndigheten the press to answer questions. Every day they can tell that the situation has become more serious.

Koronaviruset spread in Sweden. It is the increase of infected and the death toll rises. Statsepidemiolog Anders Tegnell will not, however, go in for a innskjerpelse of the regulations.

– do you Have a smertegrense for how many must die before you hone the measures?

We regulate, our rules and regulations continuously in order to make them as effective as possible. There are no smertegrense, I don’t think it exists in any country, ” says Tegnell.

He explains that the goal of course is to get the infection to spread as slowly as possible.

Statsepidemiolog Anders Tegnell being interviewed by a Swedish radiojournalist after Wednesday’s press conference in Stockholm.

Photo: Eirik Veum / NRK “Steep rise”

Statsepidemiologen is still worried over the development. It goes in the wrong direction, and Sweden has had “a pretty steep decline”, so Tegnell even describe it.

– Now there is even more reason to follow the advice strictly in some weeks to come, specified Tegnell during Wednesday’s press conference.

Swedish authorities have received wide criticism for its handling of the koronakrisen. Sweden introduced the relatively mild measures and restrictions compared with many other countries. The Swedish authorities have received criticism from different quarters. It is argued from several quarters that it was done too little and that they came too late in time.

Ask the swedes to be more careful

Wednesday la the Swedish authorities until the new guidelines. It think they will be with the limiting distribution of the koronasmitte.

the Swedes are now about to keep distance to each other when they are outdoors as well as avoid public transport and rushtrafikk. They should also keep themselves away from shops and try to work from home. To the extent that it is possible should the workplace be adapted so that smitterisikoen is reduced.

– Each and every one of us must take responsibility to minimise and mitigate smittespredningen. All must contribute, said sosialminister Lena Hallengren, according to news agency TT.

press Conference at Folkhälsomyndigheten. Despite calls to keep the distance as being the tribulation.

Photo: Eirik Veum / NRK do not Know what strategy is appropriate

Swedish health authorities follow the course of developments in neighbouring countries. Both in Norway, Denmark and Finland, the death toll far lower. All three countries have introduced far more stringent measures than the swedes.

For Norway and Sweden, the proportion of intensivpasienter relatively similar in both countries. Nevertheless, it is registered far more people died in Sweden.

We do not know what strategy is the right one. We may never know the answer. It is obvious that the pandemic is in different phases and some countries located in front of the other, turn Tegnell fixed.

Swedish health authorities believe they have broad support out there in the population. They claim it currently is broad consensus in Sweden that the Swedish strategy is the right one.

– There are several studies that show that we have great confidence. People are satisfied with what we are doing, ” said Tegnell.

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