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We must move, otherwise hardens we completely. It is good for both the body and the head to touch on themselves, ” said the two friends.

Berit wild cherry at 97 years living in the third floor of an appartment building in Grimstad the city centre. In the floor below has Esther Water at 91 years apartment. Now they meet for a daily workout in the living room to the 91-year-old.

We have used a measuring tape and measured up to two metres between us. We take all precautions, emphasizing the two.

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Usually trim the once-a-week at a municipal daycare center, but now is fellestrimmen closed. In the newspaper, Grimstad Adressetidende was the back and told about his alternate trim.

I feel it is very good to get trimmed a bit. I have fallen so many times and struggling with the balance. When is it good to get trained a bit up again, ” says 97-year-old.

I have not dared to let be. When I don’t get trained, so the brands I use it on the body, put her friend at 91 years of age.

Flex and cloth in the living room for the 97-year-old Berit wild cherry.

Photo: Jon Gelius / NRK

The two sprekingene meet daily around the clock 12 and do their exercises together. They try to follow the same exercises as on fellestrimmen.

– It is not always we remember it all, but then we take either an extra round with the ones we remember, ” laughs the two pensjonistene.

Miss fellestrimmen

Treningsiveren there is no things to say. The two sprekingene is on and sluntrer not away.

– There are scary times with all the corona. I hope it soon gets better. It is not something fun like it is now during the day, ” says the oldest of the supertrimmerne and will have the support of the six year younger treningsvenninnen.

They miss the weekly fellestrimmen, but realize that they still have to smear themselves with patience before they again could meet at the day centre.

” We keep ourselves a little in the activity at home while we wait. There is a lot of sitting otherwise, mean the two, which also goes lufteturer together around leilighetsbygget in Grimstad, norway.

When I didn’t get trained, notice I have it on the body, says Esther Water (91).

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