Students remotely will resume school on April 6

All universities is recommended to enable the learning process in distance learning format. I urge students and teachers to follow a policy of isolation, – said the Minister of science and higher education Valery Falkov.

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Also officially announced the exact timing of the opening campaign, which is shifted by a few weeks. Last day of submission of budget places for students of 2020 will be August 10. Accordingly, the first wave of enrollment will be on 19 August and the second on August 24. The Ministry expects that on September 1 all students, including freshmen, will come to class.

So the Russian universities before the holidays. In Instagram is full of short videos with the tag #univerdom. This flashmob launched to students and professors of universities from all over Russia could support each other. Important: even in such a difficult situation, the students will get the scholarships as usual. Almost 13 million rubles for these purposes entered universities and more than 178 million roubles to scientific institutions.

One of the most exciting questions – what will happen with the holidays? Teachers of the Financial University has addressed to colleagues with the call to reduce your summer vacation for a month and go on holiday not on July 1, and August 1: “This month would greatly help in the organization of exams, and protection of final qualifying works. This is a feasible contribution we can make to the fight against coronavirus”.

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the Schoolpasses stress test: more than 16 million students and 1.3 million teachers – all need to develop the distant. According to the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov, governors have an opportunity to decide how will be organized the educational process. This decision agreed with the government.

– It is primarily about what teachers are not in schools. Training continues in distance format. We are ready to provide all necessary assistance, – said the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov. In those regions where the problems with the Internet, you can use textbooks, there is a cellular connection to communicate with teachers.

the Examinations in the schools? While the exam will start on 8th June, OGE, the ninth. But depending on the development of the situation, this date can be changed. According to Sergei Kravtsov, some schools can also be decided to organize the educational process to 8 June until the beginning of the exam. Massively leave students in the second year, nobody will: this is fake.

What about kindergartens? Here again, all depends on the decisions of the heads of regions. But duty group work for children of parents employed in vital areas.

In the regions

the Heads of most of the regions have already announced that students moving to distant. But there are exceptions. As the head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolayev, training in several Northern regions of Yakutia can be organized internally, in the format ushers groups of no more than 12 students in compliance with sanitary regime. “We have to transition to distance learning are all ready. Another question, what about remote settlements. To leave children without education because of the fact that they do not have a satellite communication through Internet, I believe, is wrong,” he said.

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And the Ulyanovsk children for the transition to udalenku distribute school computers and laptops for temporary use. Before sending their children to the desktop device the teacher has placed a folder with useful tutorials, assignments, tests, films, educational games.

We gave the laptop to the family Bezrukov, where three children. Family in a difficult situation, are unable to acquire equipment. Internet they have. On this laptop we have installed all the programs that will allow the family to study remotely and maintain regular communication with the teacher, – said Deputy Director of school of Sengiley Elena Sadova.

In Omsk have developed a course to enable teachers to organize online lessons. “The course consists of 18 hours, divided into five modules. The first was devoted to the search of quality content. Second – the tools and services. The third will teach to conduct trainings, tests, check homework, says developer Alexander Deryabin. The fourth module will explain how to organize remote office. The latter will help to configure the digital interaction between teachers and students. Undergo any teacher. The main thing that was gadgets and the Internet.”

Prepared by Vladimir tayurskii, Alexey Yukhtanov, Svetlana Sibina