on Monday met the man of 20-years in the South-Trøndelag district court. He is the only one that so far is prosecuted in the extensive nettbanksvindelen.

Charges debt complicity to aggravated fraud for 4,4 million and includes 15 insult, all women.

Borrowed out kontoane to the other

the Man in the middle of 20-years said guilty in five of the cases. The largest enkeltbedrageriet he acknowledges was 440 thousand, respectively. For this he bought, according to the prosecutor among other things, a Rolexklokke to 88 500 million, and a second clock to 185 thousand. These he delivered to other persons by agreement.

the Person who had handed over one of the bells of the defendant, at a hotel in Oslo in september 2019. Photo from the POLICE

But the defendant nectar to have some with the two largest bedrageria to do – on the 1 million and 1.3 million.

In the court he explained that he was contacted by a person in rusmiljøet in Trondheim. Not the person he prayed that the others would get dispose of the kontoane his for the transfer of money. The defendant should get the percentage of the payment, depending on how large beløpa was.

He had notification from the bank so that he looked, when it went money in and out of the kontoane his.

I realised that I was on was invalid. But I pressed money to the rus, said the defendant.

In some cases, he got the payment. But on multiple occasions was pengeoverføringane to kontoane his frozen by the banks so that no one could get them out.

the Defendant acknowledged in court, all the nine cases tjuveria of bank and credit cards.

to questions from the judge how the defendant could see what postkassar it was a letter with the card in, the black defendant that he was ran and chose random postkassar.

Nectar for having given out itself for the kunderådgjevar

The insult had account in different banks such as DNB, Sparebank 1, Bank1 and Sbanken. They were called up and provided bank id and so was kontoane their tappa for money, according to the indictment. But the defendant nectar that he called ophrah. He believed there were others who had to have done it.

But a “selfie” from the defendant on Snapchat mean the prosecutor shows that the defendant was involved in the overføringane: Under the image of him is:

Haha. The past six years e so old that æ need to help the past six years with the button on the kodebrikken certain not all of you have spasm in the tommeln to we are going to play bingo. Difficult with so large tusja y’know. Æ care mæ only about them ældre.

the Defendant said in court that this was only a joke.

Statement that was submitted shows that the beløpa who came into the defendant’s account was transferred further to other persons. Most of these knew not the defendant, according to him. Other name refused to comment on the “fear of represaliar” as he put it.

Made lists based on the information from the tax administration

the Police found a quantity of mail when they searched the residence of the defendant after he was arrested in October. It was also found lists with the names of the several persons who were tried svindla, according to the prosecutor, politiadvokat
Line Novstad Klungreseth at Trøndelag police district. The lists contain information on income and fortune and the prosecution told them that he had a couple of thousand kroner for the job.

Tuesday should the police go nøyare through the evidence. Witness who probably know the defendant, say the role and some of the bankkundane, is also on the vitnelista to his many prosecution notices.

because of koronasituasjonen is the trial conducted digitally. The judge, prosecutor and defense sit in the courtroom in Trondheim courthouse, with a good distance. The two meddomarane, and the press follows suit from the other places by means of sound and image.

the Trial was carried out digitally because of koronasituasjonen. Tingrettsdomar Eirik Lereim leia right. Meddomarane attended from other places.

Photo: Kari Sørbø / NRK