Thuringia’s Prime Minister Ramelow relies on personal popularity in the state elections: “If there were a direct election of the Prime Minister, I would have a clear majority”.

In view of his nomination as the top candidate in the state elections in autumn 2024 this Saturday in Erfurt, Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) is counting on his personal popularity ratings being the deciding factor in the election. “The AfD is 25 percent and we are 23 percent; that’s not nice,” he told the editorial network Germany (RND) with a view to the current surveys, but added: “Not even 16 percent of the population say they would elect Mr. Höcke as prime minister. At the same time, 53 percent say they would vote for Mr. Ramelow. If there were a direct election of the prime minister, I would have a clear majority in the population. With the strength I go into the election campaign. I fight for a clear majority.”

At the same time, the left-wing politician emphasized that he would continue to represent positions that were not identical to those of his party. “I want the personalization to be visible and I allow myself to represent individual positions on certain issues that I indicate do not correspond to party congress decisions,” he told RND. After all, he “does not hold any party office” and must “keep an eye on the majority of the population”.

Most recently, Ramelow spoke out in favor of arms deliveries to Ukraine; the Federal Chairman of the Left, Martin Schirdewan, had contradicted this.

At his age, Ramelow sees no reason to prevent him from running again. “I look at who is in charge in the world,” he said. “At 66, I’m still a young jumper. I feel fit.” The governing bodies of the Thuringian Left come together in Erfurt on Saturday to make Ramelow’s nomination.