When fylkesrådet in Nordland county decided to cut the latest fergeavgangen between the Festvåg and Misten, there was trouble.

the Inhabitants of the Kjerringøy Bodø formed Kystkampanjen. Their last protest action, they chose to do per sms.

Three of the Nordlands top politicians should bombarderes with the text “STOP the CUTS”.

But when the campaign was launched on Facebook, was 8 replaced by 9 in the phone number to the chair of Tomas Norvoll (Ap).

Thus there was an innocent woman, Sunnmøre, which was one of ^ ” for the sms campaign.

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Kristin Ulstein Farstad on the Water outside Ålesund realized little when the phone on Friday last week started to be filled by messages from unknown number.

That the cryptic content mostly consisted of the two words “STOP the CUTS” did not make the confusion less.

as the crowd grew she realized that the number her had to be mistaken for someone else’s.

Then came a message that said something about ferries. Then I realized that there was something about resistance, ” says Farstad to NRK.

She deleted a part of the messages along the way, but estimates that it was around 60 messages in the course of the weekend.

There came a little on Saturday and some drizzle on Sunday. There are probably many who only have copied the number.

– Terribly embarrassing

– It was terribly embarrassing. I just had to send an SMS to apologise for this, ” says Oddbjørn Olsen as head Kystkampanjen.

the Campaign was carried out last weekend, and Olsen believe it has been sent out between 200 and 1000 text messages.

When NRK today spoke with him, he is just on his way on board in stridens core. Namely, the ferry that takes him home to Kjerringøy, about four miles north of Bodø.

We are a part of a city. Many live here and work in the city. This is not some luxury. These ferries do not go to people to be able to go to town to drink coffee.

Cut kveldsavgang

he especially responds to is that of Nordland county council has cut the last kveldsavgangen who went at 23:30.

Now is the last departure 22:00, and it creates problems for pendlerne.

– Helseinstitusjonene have the changing of the guard late at night, so those who work in the health care sector has major problems with getting home.

He acknowledges that they have a good offer the rest of the day, but that they are dependent on just these departures.

– We have had growth in population in the last ten years, which is unique for a utkantsamfunn. The reason is that the many can combine commuting with to stay on Kjerringøy.

– Have to cut

Although protestaksjonen his got a bad start, ended not all of the messages that were going to fylkesrådslederen up in the county of Møre and Romsdal.

Tomas Norvoll do not have the full overview, but guess 30-40 of the messages landed in the inbox of his.

Chair of Tomas Norvoll.


When he gets to hear about the confusion being the first he lattermild.

If this has worked, is there a poor creature that has received a lot of messages.

he says He has more faith in dialogue and to talk together and adds that they have had a process together with the municipality.

Norvoll says he is happy to speak with people, but that such SMS-actions can have a negative side.

– This has not been a problem for me, but if I start to get text messages on the night it will be counterproductive. It will only lead to being cursed.

He understands that people react when they lose services, but emphasises that they have been obliged to implement cuts on the stretches throughout the county.

Bragging about aksjonistene

Nor does the chief county executive for transport, Bent-Joacim Bentzen (Sp), have a full overview of how many messages that came previous, but think it ended at around 100.

Bent-Joacim Bentzen, chief county executive for transportation.

Photo: Oliver Rønning / NRK

– They get the lighted case. It is creative and it is generally depreciation on the involvement in the Norwegian community, so I think it’s good.

– As politicians, one should preferably only have gladsaker, but it is not the case. I realize they are affected and would like to commend the commitment, but we are in a challenging financial situation, which unfortunately means that we also have to take unpopular decisions.

Must be able to withstand reactions

Oddbjørn Olsen in Kystkampanjen believe politicians must be able to withstand reactions, but emphasises that they should not continue to send text messages in time and saw.

certainly not to the Kristin Ulstein Farstad in the Møre and Romsdal.

She gave feedback that we just had to stand on. They know how important the ferries are, those who live in Sunnmøre, says Olsen.

It also confirms, as she involuntarily became a target for the SMS campaign.

– It is an important issue and I realize very well that they respond. I have full understanding for.

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Kjerringøy is a peninsula in Bodø municipality. The citizens are depending on the ferry between the Festvåg and Misten to get to the city centre.