In St. Petersburg, researchers from megafault biotechnology and low-temperature systems at the ITMO University have invented a way to turn beer in a healthy drink. They do offer beer with the new yeast strain, which is now used as a probiotic in yogurts and kefirs.

As the press service of the ITMO University, initially the experiment was conducted on bread. In the course of the research, the scientists replaced the yeast that is traditionally used in baking business, on the other.

In the experiments, we used a related yeast strain, an outdoor a hundred years ago by French microbiologist Henri Boulard while traveling in Indochina.

Then a French scientist found out that the locals use the fruit as a medicine. People were convinced that all ate the fruit, but scientists have found medicinal role was played by the microorganisms on their surface. A new strain of yeast scientist initially patented as a remedy for diarrhoea.

Now this kind of yeast is widely used as a probiotic. It restores the intestinal flora, improves the absorption of b vitamins and has antioxidant properties.

During the first experiments with bread, scientists have tried to add this yeast to the baking. The bread rose like normal yeast, but it didn’t spoil. Now scientists are experimenting with unfiltered beer. Fermentation of beer also depends on the yeast.

it is Expected that the application of a tropical strain, will be able to get a really healthy beer, however, ethyl alcohol in the drink will be much smaller.