in 2017, ended the career of the Star-actor Kevin Spacey (60). Famous by movies such as “American Beauty” or the series “House of Cards”, have been in the autumn before a little more than two years in the Wake of the “MeToo”movement of Harassment charges against the American movie star, according to.

Now Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey’s voice for the first time in Public about his fall and how he, the Situation has experienced. The 60-Year-old was on Sunday at the digital Meeting, the Munich-based founder of the conference “Bits & Pretzes” to a guest,

“My world has changed in the autumn of 2017 to complete,” said the costume-clad Spacey, whose speech was broadcast online. “My Job, many of my relationships, my Reputation in my own industry – all of that was gone within hours.”

In “House of Cards” starred Spacey as the fictional U.S. President Frank Underwood. His role was briefly removed a hand from the series photo: Netflix

Among other things, the Streaming giant Netflix fired the actor, and left the last season of “House of Cards” without her starring turn. The already-finished Film “All the money in the world” were even filmed all of the scenes with Spacey for a multi-million effort, with a new actor.

The two-time Oscar-winner had disappeared from Hollywood all of a sudden. “Bits & Pretzels” he said, his crash had led him to an identity crisis. “I was so busy trying to identify myself about what I did or do, that I had when all this was over, no idea what I should do next,” says Spacey.

Even the question of “Who am I”, he would have been, “came my career to a grinding, screeching end.”