A strong development in the number of coronadødsfald continues in Spain, which on Saturday reported on the record number of dead.

The extensive coronavirusudbrud continues to have devastating effects in Spain.

on Saturday, says the country’s ministry of health so that 832 persons that day are confirmed to have died as a result of coronasmitte.

It is the highest daily number of deaths in Spain during the outbreak.

Friday was the day’s number coronadødsfald at 769. It was at that time the record for the most number of confirmed deaths in a day in Spain.

In total, Spain has now registered 5690 coronadødsfald. The number of confirmed smittetilfælde is on 72.248. It is not far from the total number of infected people in China, there is some 82,000.

Spain, together with Italy, just now the extremely hard hit by the coronavirusset. It is the two countries in the world, which confirmed most deaths as a result of the infection. In Italy is over 9000 infected persons died.

Italy registered on Friday, its biggest daily number of coronadødsfald. 919 people were here by the authorities confirmed infected.

Spain imported 14. march a shutdown of large parts of society. The country’s parliament selected on Thursday to extend the closure up to 11. april.

Spain’s prime minister, the 48-year-old socialist Pedro Sanchez, has said that the country is facing its worst crisis since the civil war in the 1930s.

– Only the elders who know for a borgerkrigs hardship and consequence, can remember a collective crisis, that was worse than the current one.

– Spain’s other generations have, as a community, never faced something that is as hard as it is here, it sounded from the prime minister, when he earlier in the month announced the Spanish decommissioning.

Coronavirusset broke originally in the chinese therefore Wuhan at the end of december last year.

Since then, it has spread rapidly to countries across the globe.