This was one of those days that will be described later as historically :

  • U.S. President Donald Trump the White house about American greatness, but by the death in America . The number of those who might die in the next few months, on Coronavirus , prized in his presence, the Doctor Deborah Birx up to 240,000 people. This corresponds to approximately four times the number of in the Vietnam war killed U.S. soldiers.
  • Chancellor Angela Merkel turned out of your home quarantine with a gloomy audio message to the people. An easing of the contact lock was not appropriate; the citizens are to stay during the Easter holidays at home in one of the family visits to do without, as well as all the human contacts reduced to a Minimum: “A pandemic knows no holidays.”
  • for the First time, the Minister of health of the appropriations makes use of the new infection protection act gives to him. Flights to and from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Germany are prohibited from immediately. “We can not allow flights out of this high-risk area”, says Jens Spahn. Germany is the complete opposite of the world nearly air-tight. Of the 763 flight of the Lufthansa , around 700 witnesses on the ground. < / h3> Reported corona virus cases in Germany (to your state)

Spahn, the brunt of the global pandemic

can feel the click in The afternoon of this memorable day, I meet with Spahn in his Ministry for our Podcast Interview . The nearly two-hour digital conference with the Chancellor and Prime Minister behind him, the Video exchange with the country’s health Ministers is about to begin. The 39-Year-old looks tired and focused at the same time. He is concerned and clear, combative and humble. The once wet search of the leveler, has given way to a new reflection . The Person

Gabor Steingart is one of the most famous journalists in the country. He is editor of the Newsletter “Steingarts Morning Briefing”. The eponymous Podcast is Germany’s leading Daily Podcast for politics and the economy. In the spring of 2020 Steingart moves in with his editorial on the editorial ship “Pioneer One”. Prior to founding Media Pioneer was Steingart Chairman of the Board of management of the Handelsblatt Media Group.

Be free Morning Briefing, you can find here:

the force of a global pandemic , which does not fit to the limitations of its political resources feel. As to him, the word “humbly” offered to the description of its soul position , not has he it from himself, but falls to:

“To see what we can build on this in Germany: testing capacity, ICU beds, specialists, the economic and the budgetary situation, the companies in the country, whether small or large, with tackle, but also the corporations. That makes me grateful but also humble.“

He can now triumph impossible . The politicians, the usual self-congratulation he’s saving it for better days of which he can only hope that you will come. He shuns the establishment, don’t want to speculate, especially when the normality returns in our life. His sense tells him:

“The hard part is yet to come.”

Spahn over “all the power of federalism”

The shared Power with the Prime Minister draws on the one hand, to the forces, on the other hand, it takes him a load of his shoulders. The federalism now is not his opponent, but the Hand that helps him:

“It’s all the power of federalism now. Yes, it sometimes takes two, three days, until the line is found. But if it is found, then to implement something plus the Federal is 16 Times much more efficient, much stronger and more powerful, as if it all happened in Berlin.“ Marco Urban

of Course it’s him – in the year 1995 as a Teenager in the Young Union is not entered – the creeps in which Tempo and radical the civil rights and repeal were limited. The right to the property, for every Union, Christians have a sacrilege , was suspended for hundreds of thousands of holiday home owners, restaurant owners, retailers, concert promoters and production companies. No one is allowed to demonstrate because no one is allowed to gather. He says, to have as themselves:

“I, like many citizens, too, once a couple of days used to process what’s happening right now. There is a restriction on the freedom of religion, freedom of Assembly, freedom of movement, freedom of trade and freedom of Teaching at the universities. These are the greatest restrictions on the freedom of rights in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany.“

Spahn defends the restrictions of

and He complains about this limitations , to defend you in the next breath:

“you are now, have been necessary to reduce this momentum remove and the outbreak of the infection and the spread of the Virus to slow down .”

The Assembly ban – this is true in all of Germany – would be to allow, like an exception:

“I’m a very dedicated follower and advocate of the idea that the last event of a major character in Germany, which should take place in any case, is the session of the Bundestag. This is something other than a football game or a trade show.“

The source location in the fight against the Virus is not difficult but not hopeless, because you have used warning time in Germany :

“We currently have beds, approximately 10,000 free-consuming, and thus twice as many as in Italy overall, at intensive care beds has. In us 112 patients are now in intensive care due to Covid. But we also see that there are now more of them every day. That’s what I meant with the calm before the storm. How intense the storm is? The can now say none.“ dpa In New York will be the first makeshift hospital in the Central Park, in the vicinity of the Mount Sinai hospital, established

New York city States in Germany?

we Will see New York conditions , where the refrigerated trucks to transport the bodies, I want to know from him. He hesitates:

“I’m confident, simply because we were able to prepare ourselves as well as a few other countries. I can’t promise you that it is certainly so as in Bergamo and New York? No, I can’t.“

Still it is missing anywhere in the country to respirators , also because the procurement of the German army proved to be bureaucratic and not efficient. In the meantime, the Minister, using the German companies , many of which are large engaged in business in Asia, 20 million masks , he is currently distribute:

“The market is really crazy. In China and Asia, where the production takes place in the Moment of focus, there is a gold-rush mood. Since the swings can go up and down, from Cent products, 4-, 5 -, or 6 have become Euro-products. But so it is, when on the world the demand is increasing.“

Spahn: “The mobile phone Tracking could help,”

Just like he would use the modern methods of the data analysis , similar to the one in South Korea:

“The cell phone Tracking could help to save a lot of resources, contacts understand. So you can get kicking very fast, the fire Chen of the infection.“

he Is at, these days? He felt the burning ambition to more responsibility , or he may not be happy to sit now on the chair of the Federal Chancellor ?

“The hard part in this crisis is yet to come. In this respect, I’m busy now, first of all. I am with me. It is a challenging time. This. But I see the Chance to make a difference.“

conclusion: there is Currently no conclusion is possible. the history is made . The Minister is not fighting, that this Chapter is the darkest of our post-war history.

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