in Bavaria, the Prime Minister, Markus Söder today from 9.55 am, a Statement on the current Corona location in Bavaria.

The press conference is scheduled at 09.55 a.m., the BR sends live.

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Markus Söder has called for a “national emergency production” of protective masks. “What we urgently need more masks, and the high quality masks for our entire staff practices in hospitals, and doctor,” said CSU chief on Tuesday in the “ARD morning magazine”. “It is important that we get a national emergency production finally.” The German economy now had to change it. There is a need for a sufficient supply in hospitals, doctor’s offices and retirement homes, he demanded.

A protective mask is mandatory in the super markets, such as in Austria is not currently planned. First of all, you need to wait and see whether in Germany, the measures taken help. “It is important that we keep ourselves now to the basic restrictions (…) and not Exit strategies to think,” said Söder.

masks, sew it yourself! Firefighters released a simple Video guide on FOCUS Online/News5 discussion of mouth guards compulsory: masks sew it yourself! Firefighters released a simple Video guide

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