Two videos posted on social media shows the president on a tour in the state of Distrito Federal, where the capital Brasília is located.

In the videos you can see a large number of followers flokke around the president, and some of them require security measures against koronasmitte will be cancelled, “because they create massearbeidsledighet”.

We also see president Bolsonaro mention malariamedisinen hydroxychloroquine as a remedy that can cure korona, but it is not documented that this is the case.

Unusual censorship

The social media Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can justify measures against Jair Bolsonaro that it is not allowed to post messages that are contrary to the information given by the country’s health authorities during koronapandemien.

“Such messages expose people to greater risk of being infected by koronaviruset”, called it in to the social media guidelines.

Also the president Bolsonaros two sons and close political supporters Eduardo and Flavio have been posts removed from the social media.

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro protesting openly against the strict korona-the measures that have been implemented in several areas of Brazil.

Photo: Adriano Machado / Reuters Conflict with the minister of health

President Bolsonaros appearance in the videos is in direct violation with the recommendations from his own health minister, Luiz Mandetta, as the last few days has defied the president and come up with their own statements about how koronakrisa to meet.

While Bolsonaro want limited measures to frame the economy at least possible, has the minister of health advocated for strict measures, and the case, it is that it can be a speedy replacement of the minister.

However, the minister for health, has great support in the population, and polls show that Bolsonaros popularity has fallen sharply during the korona-crisis.

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Military for Bolsonaro

A factory in Brazil produces face masks. But the country is very poorly equipped for a comprehensive korona-epidemic.


Almost half of Jair Bolsonaros government consists of the military, and from them get the president full support.

One of them is general Villas Boas, who, in a Twitter message, writing that the only right in this situation is to do as the president suggests: To isolate those that are in risikogruppa, and let the rest of the community to function as before.

This is a serious moment for the country and with the current policies, I fear a voldsbølge, type general.

It is a frightening statement in a country where there basically is closer to 60,000 people being killed in the violence.

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