Sobyanin: the Increase in child benefit - the measure is not temporary, but permanent

In Moscow, these payments are for a long time. But now, in accordance with the decision of the President – they will be significantly increased.

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New size of the child allowance from 3 to 7 years will be 7613 rubles a month. And payments will be recalculated starting from January 2020.

increasing the allowance – the measure is not temporary, but permanent. It will be paid after the end of the pandemic coronavirus.

But there is one important caveat. In the current situation it is very difficult to judge the real family income for the reference two-three months ago. The situation might have changed and not for the better.

Therefore, in a period of high alert Muscovites who lost their jobs will be able to get child benefit without taking into account income of previous years and the current unemployment benefits.

the Corresponding decree I have signed.

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According to our estimates, the increase in benefits will support families, which brought 90 thousand children from 3 to 7 years.

since the April child support has already passed the first time benefit in a new size and payment for January-April will be listed in the composition may payment (April 28)”.

Source: blog Sergei Sobyanin on the website