Today, 45 Healthy Moscow pavilions are operating in the parks of the capital. In comfortable conditions and without an appointment, you can check the state of the body in a number of directions here. Muscovites who have suffered a coronavirus infection are offered an expanded medical examination program. This was announced by Sergei Sobyanin in an interview with the TV channel “Russia 1”.

” When there was an increase in the incidence of covid, of course, there was no time for in-depth medical examination. The doctors were busy with operational measures, treatment, reception of patients, and so on. Today, the situation is much better, it allows you to deal with the prevention of diseases, including post-ovarian examination. Therefore, in 45 health pavilions, which are located in parks, squares, you can come and be examined in a number of directions. Moreover, for those who have been ill with covid, there are a number of additional options related to checking the work of the respiratory system, heart, advanced biochemical blood analysis, and so on. Every day, more than a thousand people come to these pavilions today and undergo a comprehensive examination, ” the Mayor of Moscow said.

Along with a general blood test and saturation, which were previously available to visitors of the Healthy Moscow pavilions, Muscovites who have had COVID-19 are recommended to undergo five additional tests. These are spirometry, biochemical blood analysis, determination of the concentration of D-dimer, a test with a six-minute walk, X-ray of the chest organs.

30 thousand Muscovites have already undergone in-depth medical examination, who, if necessary, received referrals for further examination.

To pass the examination in the Healthy Moscow pavilions, it is enough to have a Moscow CHI policy and an identity document with you. The results will be available after some time in the electronic medical record.

To speed up the medical examination, residents can fill out a questionnaire in advance. To do this, go to the section of the electronic medical card “My medical examination in the park” and select the necessary form: medical examination or in-depth examination after COVID-19.

The Healthy Moscow pavilions will be open until the end of September, they work without breaks and weekends from 08: 00 to 20: 00.