All who are interested in Ksenia Sobchak, already know what she wanted to learn the crab. In her crab salad things are mixed: millions of dollars, murder, runaway criminals and such rotten filth that understand this is no hunting. Especially after specialists such as Vladimir Solovyov (thanks to him for what he so thoroughly and slowly stripped Ksenia Sobchak live).

It is, of course, tried to resist, but made only worse. When Solovyov is reasonable to assume that Ksenia was offered a share in the extremely profitable business of crab to become dealers for a political roof, she protested:

SOBCHAK. Political roof from me, as from shit a bullet.

She made a mistake or played dumb. The fact that the political roof is just made of shit. It is a process of turning shit into gold. In this case, it even managed to obtain the status of “systemically important” status in the precious present situation of economic disaster. “Strategic business” — a guaranteed seat in the lifeboat when the ship of state is sinking.


Not crab, and political roof — that’s what interests us.

the Story of Sobchak with seafood for us is just a tool. A test that shows how the state body introduced the virus of corruption.

as soon As She swallowed the crab bait, she (wittingly or unwittingly) became a roof for a fugitive felon Kahn, who (despite the fact that fugitive and wanted) continues to monitor crab business in the far East. And when the roof named “Xenia” began a scandalous trial and trouble, in the case entered the roof Susie — Senator Narusova. April 7, 2020 on the letterhead of the Member of the Federation Council, she wrote a letter to the Chairman of the Supreme Court Lebedev:

Dear Vyacheslav!

Reason for my letter was addressed to me, citizens Sobchak Xenia anatolevny and Soglaeva Elena Alexandrovna with complaints of illegal the judge’s decision southern-the Sakhalin city court…

Then the Senator Narusova seven pages (!) with incredible details, listing firms, percent, dates, names, etc. explains why unpleasant for the “citizens Sobchak Xenia anatolevny and Soglaeva Elena Alexandrovna” the solution should be checked and, of course, cancel.

But not once in seven pages Narusova somehow indicated that one of three of its citizens — its native daughter.

the Court is, of course, awkward to refuse important people. Therefore, in order not to write “go to…”, invented by a great way. All attempts of this kind are officially called “non-procedural appeal”. The two Federal laws require��out to all the courts of Russia published on the Internet received non-procedural treatment. Therefore, the indecent paper, the Supreme court scans and anyone can see them on the website of the armed forces. The appeal of the Senator Narusova there and hanging out. Everyone can admire the luxurious form and personal signature.


so, Xenia has decided for the money to become the roof of Cana. Narusova was the roof of Susie. Most roof Narusova of the Federation Council, providing immunity. If this roof has provided honesty.

April 25, RIA “Novosti” published the message: “the Senator Lyudmila Narusova has declared RIA “news” that has not appealed to the Supreme Court Chairman Vyacheslav Lebedev with the complaint to actions of the Investigative Committee due to the seizure of two krabolovy companies.”

the words of Narusova “I didn’t” — or blatant lie, or a complete lapse of memory. Why RIA “Novosti” agreed to publish a “statement” — do not know. To check the falsity was easy.

And what an extremely experienced woman (citizen Narusova Ludmila B.) leaves such terrible traces of their roof activities? She might have to do if the person she calls, refuses to answer. After all, important chiefs have secretaries, they can constantly say, “went”, “drove”, “the meeting”. And then you have to write.


In a recent interview Putin news Agency TASS about this talking.

QUESTION. Judges when did you last call?

PUTIN. Judges, I do not call never.

We are willing to believe. Why the President will be to call himself?

as a member of the Federation Council Narusova, to serve as a roof for the dubious characters (we avoid the word “criminals”) it is not the first. It is in this sense a repeat offender. In February 2011, we published in the “MK” note “Letters from the Federation Council”. There exhaustively describes, as a member of SF Narusova extremely active, sparing neither strength nor the time nor the reputation invaded in a criminal case. In particular, we have published her letter to the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs, chief of the Investigative Committee of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation; first Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Bastrykin (four units); the General Prosecutor of RF Chaika (four pieces).

for Example, in the fourth letter to Bastrykin Narusova wrote that some criminals “is not given the opportunity to give confession. I ask You to give instructions to interrogate me as a witness in criminal cases No. 18/377464-06 and No. 355501”.

It’s cool. This witness, who in addition to the usual parliamentary immunity there is a unique connection at the top, — this witness is more convincing than any lie detector.

the Witness? But the witness should not tell about what I read in the anonymous certificates. He’s not supposed to retell other people’s stories. The witness must tell the court only what they saw and heard myself. How deep Senator in the activities of these groups. Is personally attended to “float”? (We in any case skip an adjective before the word “groups.”)

Many (not just us) such activities Senator Narusova seemed like something criminal. Many times as a very interested participant she was involved in an ugly business. But she’s not the only one.

senators, anything can happen. Senator izmestiev was sentenced to life in prison for organizing murders and so forth Senator Slutsker opened some sectarian website where adorned in ritual clothing and taught Kabbalah; meanwhile, the allegation was that he planted the business partner (the husband of journalist Olga Romanova) and that he might be involved in the murder of a KGB General mills; and then the Senator fled to Israel, taking with them two young children and leaving his wife Olga in despair (the more it is their children did not see).

Senator Vavilov agreed to stop the case of the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars (yet he is untouchable and sat in the Senate, the Statute of limitations of theft).

Not so long ago group of special forces surrounded the Federation Council, broke into the courtroom and arrested the Senator Arashukova. There was sitting dozens of his colleagues, his friends, the owners of the immunity, but none had tried to stand up, no one even did not open his mouth. All senators were paralyzed with shock. Everyone thought “this is for me.”

let a temporary (hopefully temporary) end. Xenia — not the best cap Cana, in her own words, “as from t… bullet”. Narusova — cover Susie. The status of member of the Federation Council — the roof Narusova… Is a system of roofs. Expires top safety, bottom raised, nutritious juices. If you start to see where it comes from, it seems that the cooperative “Lake” — the most sistemoobrazujushchih enterprise in the world in terms of proven reserves cellos, bridges, gas, and money. So seriously no Senator Narusova, no citizen Sobchak K. A. nothing to fear. We worry for them.