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– There should be a scheme that is easy to use but hard to abuse. There are thousands of businesses that are on the edge of the cliff. The scheme must act quickly and companies have to get access to the money quickly, so that we avoid unnecessary bankruptcies, says finance minister Jan Tore Sanner (H) to NRK.

the Government came up with his last krisepakke of business Thursday, the so-called cash assistance to the enterprises. This cash assistance is especially aimed at small and medium-sized companies that have lost large parts of the revenue due to the corona. The government will set aside 20 billion a month in direct financial support to help businesses that are struggling financially.

There shall be created a portal where companies can enter the application. Here, the company itself, entering sales figures and fixed costs, the numbers are automatically cross-checked against the various registers. If the application passes the automated control, is the money automatically paid out.

the Ministry of finance calculates that around 50.000 – 70.000 companies will apply for financial support.

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Many people will try to defraud

Several, including LO, are afraid that the money being paid out so quickly that there will be little control. One fears that the scheme will be abused by businesses that do not have a claim of support, but speculate that it may be a straw into the public purse.

This skepticism parts also actors in the private sector.

We fear that kontantstørreordningen will be abused. We can already see that many are abusing dagpengeordningen, by companies permitterer employees who receive unemployment benefits at the same time as they continue to work as before, ” says project manager Lars Mamen in Fairbygg Oslo.

Fairbygg driver control of illegal practices in the construction industry and find that many companies are exploiting the public størreordningene.

– There are many businesses that deliberately tries to get ekstraprofitt by seeking such arrangements. These cash grants can be misused by people with dishonest intentions, says Mamen.

CONTROL: tax administration puts on its most experienced workers to ensure that businesses do not wonder to more support than they are entitled to, ” says skattedirektør Hans Kristian Holte.

Photo: Anne Cecilie Strap / NRK So will check companies

finance minister Jan Tore Sanner believes that one will be successful to weed out companies with dubious intentions.

– the tax administration will ensure that this takes place properly and properly. We do not accept fraud and attempted fraud, says finance minister Sanner.

There are a set of 70 million for that skattetaten to perform the control of the milliardutbetalingene.

– the tax administration will put on the experienced people within the control and technology to ensure that it does not become abuse. Here it will be check in several stages, first it will be the machine control in multiple joints, and then we will have crew that can do manual controls, ” says skattedirektør Hans Kristian Holte.

But because the money to be paid out quickly, much of the control to happen in the aftermath.

– We will have more controls, and we want to test against a couple of records and then a variety of applications be subject to additional checks, based on intelligence and analysis, where we believe the risk for abuse is greatest, says Holte.

Both strafferegister, employer and statistics, altinn, the register of business enterprises skattemeldinger is among the databases that the tax administration is likely to use to double check the information with.

the Company must document the numbers in retrospect, through a certificate from the auditor or authorized accountant. The applicant will be responsible for ensuring that the information reported is correct

It will be implemented make sure with the requirements for repayment and penalties if it is discovered the scam. We will use sanctions and, if necessary, make use of the penal code, ” says Sanner.

company executives which have applied for support they are not entitled will have to pay the amount back with straffeskatt of 30 – 60 percent in addition. Gross fraud can also lead to prosecution with large fines and prison, enacted for tax fraud in the criminal code is up to six years in prison.

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