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– We want the airlines to ensure greater distance between the passengers so that it becomes less likely for the infection on the flight, says smittevernoverlege Kai Brynjar Hagen in Bodø.

There is currently a battle in the North of Norway to keep koronasmitten away as long as possible.

The vast majority of municipalities have introduced the so-called “søringkarantene” – i.e. that people from the South of Norway must be quarantined if they come to the region.

This also applies in Bodø, norway, that currently have relatively low infection rates, compared with the country as a whole.

Counties in the north has the highest number of municipalities without koronasmitte Examples of infection

the front line for this battle, is possibly at the airports.

Every day it will still fly to Bodø and Tromsø from Oslo. Fly with the passengers who have stayed in either South Norway or abroad.

When it comes a plane from Oslo, it may well be with people who have been abroad and who have gone under the radar, ” says smittevernoverlege the Garden.

He says they have indications that the air travel to Northern Norway is an important supply of the infection to the region.

– On both fly in to Tromsø and Bodø, we have examples of that have occurred in the transmission of infection. At least it is what we hold as the most likely cause, says the Garden.

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DISTANCE: Smittevernoverlege Kai Brynjar Hagen in Bodø ask airlines to increase the distance between the passengers on the planes.

Photo: Malin Nygård Solberg / NRK Measures

At SAS, says officer John Eckhoff, that they already have made many efforts to prevent infection.

SAS has all the time followed the authorities ‘ advice and recommendations after the onset of korona. For the airlines primarily relate to the same precautions as for the rest of the population; good hand hygiene and cough etiquette, ” he says.

Eckhoff, further stresses that the ill passengers or passengers who show symptoms of infection must stay at home.

– Our staff is trained to deal with many situations on board, but it rests also the responsibility of the individual traveller to prevent infection.

To keep the distance between the passengers do not seem to be a particularly difficult task either.

– the Foundation for commercial aviation is today as good as non-existent and there is plenty of space on board most aircraft.

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TRENT: Both SAS and Norwegian believes they are well prepared to deal with travellers in the current situation.

Photo: Jonas Sætre Practice

Also at its competitor, the Norwegian followed the situation closely.

– We follow all the procedures and recommendations from the relevant authorities, ” says the press officer Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson in English.

– Our staff has special routines to be followed in the event of any infection on board, and they train regularly to deal with cases where there is suspicion of infection.

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At Tromsø airport, it was early taken measures to prevent infection.

In nearly two months, has this matter been intensified. It is particularly the natural points of contact that innsjekkingsautomater, railings and door handles, which have been washed extra often.

In addition, the Tromsø municipality sharpened routines, and health workers screened now all passengers arriving to Tromsø.

It started early with the screening of international flights from 12. march. It was extended to all flights for about a week ago, ” says lufthavnsjef Ivar Helsing Schrøen.

He estimates that between 30 and 50 passenger arriving in Tromsø by plane from Oslo every day.

The total number of passengers has gone noticeably down.

approximately 600 passenger travel through Tromsø airport daily. It will say that approximately 300 arriving from around seven in the morning to around midnight. The other travels out from Tromsø. It is very manageable, ” says Schrøen.

MEASURES: Lufthavnsjef Ivar Helsing Schrøen in Tromsø says they have increased the cleaning and at the same time ensure that health care professionals can screen all arrivals passengers.

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