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In several regions of the country, the investigators of SK of the Russian Federation revealed the fake allegations of the extraordinary prevalence of coronavirus and a large number of deaths. Spread this information the authors brought to justice
SK Russia opened a comprehensive cooperation with the Polish side on the issue of investigation of circumstances of accident of the Tu-154M, said the official representative office, Svetlana Petrenko. According to her, the Investigative Committee has already fulfilled more than 40 requests of the Polish side
The investigative Committee announced the transfer to the court of resonant criminal case on the embezzlement of hundreds of millions of rubles in the restoration of the Hermitage. None of the defendants in the criminal case did not admit guilt, but in the UK argue that sufficient evidence
Social network user who posted the video about the creation of a new coronavirus in Russia, is wanted by investigators. Against him a criminal case on the public dissemination of false information about circumstances that threaten the life and security of citizens
Russia's investigative Committee will investigate a criminal case, which caused the arrest of two generals of the investigative Department of the MIA of the Russian Federation. We are talking about become a controversial criminal case of the owner of the company "Optima development" Alberta Hudojka
The measure of restraint in form of detention in respect of defendants is elected fairly balanced, said in an interview "RG" the Chairman of investigatory Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin. According to him, it is about 16 percent of the total number of accused
The investigative Committee has indicted the owner of "Winter cherry". According to investigators, in 2013-2014 he gave a bribe of 7 million rubles, which allowed the entrepreneur to make the reconstruction of the shopping center without a building permit
In one of the units in the Murmansk region has exploded artillery ammunition. The accident injured five soldiers. Currently, threats to their lives there
The investigative Committee has finished investigation of criminal case of the former Professor of the St. Petersburg state University, Oleg Sokolov. The scientist was accused of murder and illegal acquisition and possession of weapons
SK the Russian Federation has renewed investigation of criminal case on the fact of theft in Liberia of Russian citizen Konstantin Yaroshenko and force him to testify. The case is in production of investigators of SK of Russia in the Rostov region
The impressive amount of data in the case of the downed over Ukraine Malaysian Boeing, which the Russian oversight was transferred to the Netherlands, were ignored by the investigation team. This was stated by the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation
Russia's investigative Committee has written to the journalist Ivan Golunova psychological and psychiatric examination. This was informed by the media, with reference to his lawyer. In the Department, this message has not yet commented on
The investigative Committee has established a specific military commander of the Ukrainian army guilty of the bombing of civilian targets in the Donbass. This is the commander of 19-th separate missile brigade Armed forces of Ukraine Colonel Fyodor Yaroshevich
In the suburbs, a man and a child were killed when towing car
The Metropolitan police have detained a man suspected in an armed robbery of a schoolboy
The corpse of a 13-year-old girl discovered in the night of March 1 in the North of Moscow
Unknown showed the scenes at the administration building of the Mikhailovsky district of Primorye, the video appeared in social networks
Family drama played out in Moscow in the night of Friday
Boeing 777 flight Moscow-Bangkok landed safely at Vnukovo airport after windshield cracked
The office Alexander Bastrykin do not allow to sentence the former police officer Dmitry Zakharchenko. Correspondent "RG" in the TFR reported that they are continuing the investigation of the case "on the facts of receiving bribes by a former employee of the MIA of Russia
The judge of Presnensky district court of Moscow ruled to arrest for two months head of the Department of pensions of the interior Ministry Colonel of internal service Svetlana Aleshin, who takes on the case of a major bribery
RF IC filed a new charge to the former Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko. He is suspected in a large bribery of nearly half a billion rubles. For acquaintance with materials of new business Zakharchenko will be transferred to Moscow from Mordovia colony
The man with the knife frightened the inhabitants of the East
Journalist Ivan Golunov waiting for the Prosecutor's office, ZAO contact with him, as an apology must be made personally
The opinion of a lawyer on the case of cruel beating of a child
According to the Director of the hotel, the medics arrived promptly, surveyed the guests and decided about hospitalization.

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